February 10, 2009

Are you Livingetc yet?

Kelly @ JAX Decor & Design
With the demise of Domino, there are probably a lot of home decor lovers looking for a new magazine to read. Look no more -- Livingetc will satisfy your magazine fix :-) It's fresh and fun and a little bit funky, and always includes beautiful homes from all over the world, cool new decor & design stuff, and lots of great pictures and decorating ideas.

Livingetc is from the UK, so it has a definite British/European perspective. But that's part of the appeal -- it's great to see what's hot in home decor in another part of the world. And with the Net, anything you see in the magazine is just a few clicks away.

In Canada, you can pick up Livingetc at Chapters. Not sure where you can find it in the US, but I'm guessing larger bookstores might carry it. If all else fails, you can get a subscription.

In addition to the magazine, there's the Livingetc web site that includes a message forum and picture galleries full of inspiring rooms.

Take a look and see what you think -- you can browse through a few pages of the latest issue online at

Here are a few pics from the Livingetc gallery to whet your appetite...


Cyndi said...

Thanks for sharing the info on the new mag and where to get it.It looks like a good one.

Kat said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll look for this the next time I "go into town" as we say around here. Kathy

Karla said...

Ooh! Great pictures! I'll have to do some more exploring on the website! Thanks for sharing the info!


Kim said...

Ooh, me likey. Thanks for the 411. I'll check it out.

Lynne said...

It's funny how everyone is getting into Living Etc now! I have been subscribing to it for about 8 years and am really bored of it. I'm thinking of looking for an Australian magazine called Inside Out! Are there any good Canadian magazines I might like?

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