February 26, 2009

Interesting Things

Victoria @ Edin Interiors

My poor fella – in my attempt last evening to come up with 6 things that were interesting enough to share with our DesignTies readers, I put him on the spot. “What’s interesting about me?” You know men… Brian looked at me silently wondering if this question was really a trap. Ha! Not surprisingly, he successfully avoided having to answer the question :-)

When I came home from work this afternoon, though, look what I found sitting on our kitchen table… the cutest little flowerpot with blooms in one of my favourite colours! Can you read what Brian has written?

“To my Sweetheart – the most interesting person I know!”


I think my Brian is a keeper, no?!

I’m about to list 6 blogs that Kelly and I enjoy reading… and we’re hoping that the writers of those blogs will play along with us and prepare lists of their own to share. We want to get to know you better!!

And if you play your cards right, you might just get some flowers with a sweet note of your own!!

Our 6 bloggers are:

Tracey @ Porchlight Interiors

Mrs. B @ Decorating a Modern Home

Cathleen @ Design by Cathleen

Linda @ Restyled Home

Fifi @ Fifi Flowers Design Decor

Brooke @ Velvet & Linen

Tracey, Mrs. B, Cathleen, Linda, Fifi, Brooke… we’re really looking forward to reading about YOU!

If you’d like to (re)read the 6 things we each shared about ourselves, here are some quick links: Kelly & Victoria


Mrs B said...

How Exciting that you picked me Victoria! to think of 6 interesting things about me. I am already breaking out in a cold sweat hehe
Can I also say, that is one great man you have there Victoria. What a beautiful and very romantic thought.
Mrs B

My Notting Hill said...

That's a sweet story -he's a keeper!

Elle Jay Bee said...

Interesting details! I have actually decided to go along with this (I am normally too lazy), but will probably lose readers due to the boring details I will share!! :)

Fifi Flowers said...

I haven't forgotten... just trying to find time... sigh... so here it is...
1. I adore cafe creme!
2. I would like to run away to Paris!
3. I am never without mascara... and I never leave the house without lipstick!
4. I am a procrasinator!
5. I could live on bread, cheese and champagne!
6. I LOVE music and I am ALWAYS singing in the car!

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