October 7, 2010

Cute Critters, Part 2: From the sea

Today’s post was inspired by Maya at Completely Coastal. She left a comment on Wednesday’s post saying that her cute critters would have to come from the sea. So, here they are!! Starting with a a couple of cute sea critter dishes for your cute furry critters :-)

dog food bowls thisnextThisNext

After you’ve fed the dogs, why not feed yourself some ice cream with this cute Animal House Whale Ice Cream Spade.

AnimalHouse-Whale-Ice-Cream_BF2A9767-ice cream-blue

I’ll take two scoops of Wowie Cowie from Cows, please :-)

wowie cowieFlickr

Prefer cookies?? Here you go, courtesy of Cookie Crumbs… :-)

crab-whale-sailboat-cookies a dozen eggs

Before we leave the kitchen, here’s a pretty silver napkin holder. It has a scallop on one side and a starfish on the other.napkin holder scallop shell home by the seashore

Home By The Seashore

Here’s a colourful set of nine sea-inspired prints. Each canvas in the set is 12” x 12”.

Saside_Wall_Canvas beachdecor shop

Beach Decor Shop

Laura Trevey is a blogger and an artist who creates charming watercolour paintings. This pretty blue crab and bright red lobster are available in her Etsy shop:

blue grab painting laura trevy

red lobster laura trevey

Now that your walls are feeling some sea critter love, here are some ses critters to dress up your floor. These cute rugs are available at Beach Decor Shop.

sea star blue rug beach decor shop SAND_DOLLAR_STARFISH rug beachdecorshopAnd still with Beach Decor Shop for this wood turtle box. How cute is this little guy?? :-)

SEA_TURTLE_BOX beach decor shop

These pretty seahorse cushions come in a great selection of colours — can’t go wrong with purple, turquoise, and grey!!

seahorse cushions natural home magazineNatural Home Magazine

I don’t think I’d be able to use these seahorse and starfish soaps. They’re just too cute!!

soap this nextThisNext

I love this pretty pearl & starfish ring. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but pearls aren’t too shabby!!sterling-silver-pearl-ring-starfish overstock jeweler

Overstock Jeweler

And finally, whale wallpaper!! Yes, really!! Yesterday I showed you some dog and zebra wallpapers, so why not whales?? :-) The paper is from Pottok Prints. At $140/roll, it’s not cheap. But I bet you’d be the only one in your neighbourhood with whales on your walls!! The paper comes in these three colourways:

whale wallpaper pottok prints black whale wallpaper pottok prints blue whale wallpaper pottok prints grey

It definitely makes a statement!!

whale wallpaper pottok prints install

whale wallpaper pottok prints install 2

So which do you prefer — cute furry critters or cute critters from the sea?? Or are you an equal-opportunity critter lover?? :-)



Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Thank you so much Kelly! The dog dishes are adorable!! I just need the dog to go with them, haha. The Ice Cream Spade would be used often for sure..., and I love 12x12 canvases -so vibrant and artsy. Yep, when it comes to design I'm not an equal-opportunity critter lover!!

Ann said...

Anybody would drool at the loveliness of those cute critters:)

Lauren said...

The whale wallpaper is sooooo necessary to my continued existence. And, to right now, I thought I hated wallpaper.

Particularly appreciate the honesty of the ice cream 'spade' vs the traditionally inadequate 'spoon'.

Unknown said...

the wallpaper is fantastic! Perfect for sea-inspired childrens room :)

christine, just bella said...

I love those critters in the bathroom, and that tub is incredible!

Happy Weekend!

Unknown said...

Love them all and the colourful set of nine sea-inspired prints would make a great quilt, table cloth, and light blanket for summer concerts in the park. It's all good fun from the sea!


Pamela @ Atmosphere ID said...

Sea creatures are cute but I'm definitely a furry critter person. Love the seahorse pillows though!

Wendy said...

lol :) I'll take the icecream!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Maria Killam said...

Love that wallpaper, it's totally fabulous!
great post Kelly!

Anonymous said...

Forget the wallpaper and just give me the tub pleeeeeze and you will find me in it eating that icecream cone !

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Yum the ice cream look sooo tempting right now.. :) The whale wallpaper is so cute too!

Kim@Living with Little People said...

I'm a big fan of Laura Trevey's water colours and blog too.

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