June 22, 2010

Can you DigIt??

Just a quick note… last Tuesday I shared stunning wildlife photography by Nick Brandt with you.  I ordered one of Nick’s books, On This Earth, from on Tuesday night, and it arrived on Thursday. rocks!! And so does Nick’s book!! I highly recommend picking up a copy.

A couple of weeks ago, I filled in a survey on Kimberley Seldon’s Facebook page. One survey participant was going to win a gift basket from DigIt Handwear — and they picked me!! The basket has arrived, and it’s filled with some great gardening goodies…

digit5 digit1

The basket includes four different pairs of gloves—including one pair of extra-long gauntlet-style gloves—and two pairs of Safety Sunglasses. Seeing as my latest pair of gardening gloves has started to fall apart, the timing is perfect!! The gloves are made from 100% recycled materials and are designed to let your hands breathe while protecting your fingertips.

So now that I have super-deluxe garden gloves and sunglasses for my garden work, maybe my flowers will start looking like these ones ;-) (Images from Flickr)

hyacinths flickr blue hydrangea flickrsunflower flickrhydrangea flickr shubo flickr

And maybe my backyard will look something like one of these contemporary gardens…

Contemporary create a landscape


deck flickr

rooftop yovia

This Japanese garden is beautiful too…

kenroku-en japan flickr

Or maybe I’ll go for a more traditional garden…

english-garden environmental geography

english brits at their best   cotswalds flickr        hardwick hall derbyshire flickr

english-garden gossip in the garden

Or maybe a Canadian garden like Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC…

butchart garden flickr

My house could even get in on the garden fun :-)

house troutman productions  derbyshire flickr

A shady spot to sit down and relax after creating my backyard oasis…

palo-verdes-estates al fords english gardens

Thank you Kimberley and DigIt Handwear for the great gift basket — I’ll be putting everything to good use!!

sig purple 

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Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

Congratulations on your win!! I love those English-looking cottages!

La Boheme said...

Congratulation! I love the contemporary gardens. So chic! xo

Katie Lane said...

Neat! The photos are so pretty, I want to go for a walk now, too bad it's raining here.

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

What a great gift, I'm sure you'll put them to good use! Congratulations on winning =D

Sharon said...

Beautiful outdoor inspiration. Have fun this summer, sprucing up your garden:)
And take lots of pictures for us!

Kat said...

Congratulations! Fantastic photos. But this post has convinced me that I'm schizophrenic. May favorites are the 3rd contemporary garden - the teak and the water feature are fantastic. And my other fave is the last one - could you get more rustic? Maybe I just need two houses lol. Kathy

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hi Kelly - I've been MIA too long but not gone for good. Your good fortune is abundant & you will be kicking butt in that garden of yours. You gave us all great examples to get our gardening on, thank you. So fun to see photos of Buctchart Gardens. Have not been there since I was 18. Yikes!

Hope you & V are doing well and so happy to be back commenting on your amazing blog.

Cheers ~ x

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I love beautiful gardens, truly, but just don't want to do the work. Bad, I know.

Lisa said...

You found some gorgeous gardens - I like all of them - but those English country cottages are so cute! Have fun in the garden and I'm sure you'll be taking some great photos of your own garden soon!

Marcus Design said...

Yay for winning!! All the gardens you have shown here are stunning, I'd take any one of them :) And while I'm daydreaming, I'll take a gardener along with it too, ha ha. But seriously, enjoy using your lovely prize!

Susan said...

Lucky girl... what a nice surprise for you :)

The gardens are all amazing. The Japanese one looking over the water totally grabs me. I'm not sure if its the photo or the sheer simplicity of it. Likely both, it's stunningly gorgeous even without any blooms in sight.

Karena said...

Kelly, congrats on your gift!! The flowers are amazing and I wish mine looked like this!

I am also having a Giveaway, so come and join in!

Art by Karena

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