February 11, 2010

The DesignTies Torch Relay!


In less then a day, the world will be here in Vancouver to celebrate winter sport!!

I’m talking about the 2010 Winter Olympics, right here in my neighbourhood… tomorrow!


What am I talking about?? By the time I upload this post and you read it, it will be February 12th… that means that it’s already tomorrow and the Opening Ceremonies are TODAY!

Vancouver Winter Olympics

I’m so excited!!!!!

Unfortunately Brian and I are not going to any events (what we’d give for a pair of Gold Medal Hockey game tickets!!), but there will be a lot of celebration and fun going downtown that we WILL participate in… and I can’t wait!

DSCF0287Speaking of celebrations, just the other day (Tuesday) the DSCF0280Olympic Torch Relay passed through my community – New Westminster – and Brian and I joined the crowd.

What fun!

And we got to wear some of our Olympic gear… I LUV my mittens!

Everyone was having such a good time :-)

DSCF0291 DSCF0289

And then…

the Torch arrived!

DSCF0294Don BensonAbove, smaller photo… Source: Flickr – Photographer: Ray Van Eng

and the Community Cauldron was lit…

DSCF0298 Decorated Houses


Since we’re a shelter blog, I thought I should share a photo of one of New Westminster’s heritage homes, all dressed for the Flame to pass by :-)

Photo Source: Flickr – Photographer: Ray Van Eng


I absolutely had to share these two photos… my friend Deena was invited by her friend Laura (pictured) to share in her Olympic Torch Relay experience (early February). The first photo was taken just after Laura’s torch was lit and the second as she was running her route. The look of joy on her face brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw these photos!

Laura Torch 2Laura Torch

Deena shared that while Laura was running she kept saying, “I don't want this to end! I could just keep going and going! This is fantastic!!”

What an experience!

Yesterday was quite a Torch Relay day… take a look at this!

torch 1



torch 2

Can you imagine?! I can tell you honestly because I’ve done it… riding INSIDE this gondola is thrilling enough for me!!

And how about this? Surfing at Long Beach in Tofino!! This was early in the Relay – maybe about day 3.

Surfing torch

The Olympic Torch Relay has traveled for 105 days, culminating in the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron tomorrow, day 106!! It’s passed through more then 1,000 communities in every corner of Canada – that’s about 28,000 miles!


torch 3



This photo was taken in Kelly’s home town – and our nation’s capital – Ottawa… waaaay back east!



And to finish off my own Torch Relay, singer Sarah McLaughlin carrying the torch this evening (Thursday) as it travelled to a great big party down town!!

Slideshow image

Will you tune into any Olympic events over the next 2 weeks? I hope you do!! We’re so very proud of our city and I know that everyone who joins us in this wonderful event – in person or on TV – will have the time of their lives!




The unfinished and “ugly” in-construction/renewal look of the historic Georgia Street Hotel is covered up with a massive Canadian flag!! Love it!!


Kat said...

How exciting! Great pictures, and what a great experience. We will be glued to the set (well when we can) over the next two weeks, we love the Olympics. And hockey is my husband's favorite too. Have fun! Kathy

Kathysue said...

This is exciting I love the Olympics. One of my boys best memories is the summer when we had company staying with us from out of town for a week and we spent everyday watching the olympics and 5 little boys would go out in the pool and compete all day. Best time ever!! It just brings out your love of country and the admiration of such discipline in these athletes. We will be in Calif watching the same events as you are in Canada,very cool,Kathysue

Vanessa@decor happy said...

I get sentimental every time I see photos of the west coast - been up Grouse tons of times whenever we had visitors and Tofino has got to be one of the most beautiful places out west. Anyway, looks like you had fun at the torch relay and enjoy the next two weeks. Like most of the world, I'll be watching! Yay Vancouver and go Canada!!

Michelle said...

Isn't it exciting? I can't beleive it's finally here!!! The opening ceremonies should be amazing tonight...I'll be on the edge of my seat!!


Barbara Matson said...

Who-hoo! We are excited too! The torch passed through our town of Langley on Monday. We took photos but have yet to upload any! We are going to be glued to the TV tonight! Sadly we don't have any venue tickets either but are going to head to town next week and check out all the freebies!


amariaf2000 said...


We will actually get to watch the opening ceremonies live on tv tonight! (eastern standard time in the US) I'm excited!

~angela @ peonypatch

Anonymous said...

I love watching the Olympics and am excited that they're starting today. How fun that you were able to go to the torch ceremony! Enjoy your weekend...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for great photos Victoria! The torch went past our house too...though at *ahem* 6am, so needless to say this girl didn't take any photos!! It was enough to hop out of bed to see the event though! For so early in the morning it was amazing the crowd and still so much fun to see. Love that image of the Georgia street that's a big flag! Tonight (opening ceremonies) will surely be exciting...Go Canada Go!


Unknown said...

How incredible and exciting. The energy there must be fantastic and HAPPY!

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

Congrats! I am going to be watching from California.

Wow, torch passed from a surf board?


Danica said...

Just looking at that picture of the people on TOP of the gondola freaks me out! I'm not good with heights, and that just doesn't seem safe. I'm glad you got to see the torch, when it came around near where I live, the timing wasn't right. No big deal. I think I'm going to get myself a pair of those mittens. They look comfy!

Puna said...

How cool! I love Canada! I wish I was here to see the opening ceremonies on tv last night. But I'll certainly be watching the games though!

unique unique design said...

That has got to be so amazing to be right there and part of it all. Your photos are great. Have fun! And those are COOL mittens!

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