February 23, 2010

The colours of the world

I’ve been glued to the TV the last couple of weeks watching the Olympics. I think ski cross might be my new favourite sport to watch — it’s totally crazy!!

ski-cross telegraph co uk

Everywhere you look at the Olympics, you see the five-ring Olympic symbol:

olympic rings

The founder of the modern day Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, designed this symbol of the Olympic games in 1912. The five rings represent the five inhabited continents of the world: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania (including Australia). And the ring colours on the white background represent the colours that appeared on all the national flags of the world at that time.

The Olympics bring the world together every two years. The colours of the Olympics bring the world together every day.

The blue roofs, water, and sky of Greece.

Blue in Greece letter 2 mom

A cute wrinkly black Shar Pei from China.

shar-pei-wrinkle esrati

The red sands of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

red sand picasa

The yellow wildflowers of the Simpson Desert National Park, Australia.

yellow-wildflowers- national geographic

The rolling green hills of Ireland.

Irish_green_hills our crazy adventure

And some beautiful rooms in the colours of the world. Like a perfect Olympic performance, no commentary required…


blue LR uktv

blue lr stylebeat

blue hotel design inc 2   blue-dining design hole online  black-trend-interior-momoy bw LR harmony interiors black kitchen lux-interior-design  marimekko-interior-design always mod Black-Room tiger lily edinburgh red lr rol vn

colinjustinbed07202009 red-living-room house to home red chairs plush home rexotic-red-kitchen-interior-design gaita interiors yellow bathroom alohomorra  yellow corner country living kelley_proxmire_yellow_black_dining_room simly heidis thoughts Yellow dining room classic interior yellow br wall country living green dr maison classique  dining-room-green-interior-pavilion-design arch inspire Classic Green Dining carolina panache Bright-Green-Kitchen-Design female ways

I hope you’re enjoying the colours of the Olympics wherever in the world you are :-)

bike fisherwy

sig new


xinex said...

Beautiful rooms, Kelly! I really enjoyed looking at every single one...Christine

Paul Anater said...

I'll take the blue dining room please!

Laura Trevey said...

I LOVE this post and linked some of these images today on BBB! Just beautiful!! Happy Wednesday :)

xoxo Laura

Susan said...

Right now, myself like the rest of Canada is feeling very proud to be the host country... and our athletes are doing so wonderful.

I agree the skicross is so exciting. I think it is quite possibly my new favorite sport to watch.

All your images are so amazingly beautiful. The guy on the bike really cracks me up. Now that is true Olympic spirit. I wonder how many people he made smile as he rode down the road? I would guess everyone who saw him.

Tonight Heather and Haillie race their sled Canada 1. I hope they win.

Lisa said...

Great post Kelly! The photos are fantastic I love them all!


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Love the colors in nature..., and in the rooms too. The Olympic bike rider cracked me up!!

Diane said...

what a lovely compendium of colour. That final photo was quite a find! Gosh, it's dangerous coming here -- I always want to redecorate! :)

Erika Ward said...

Those dark rooms are so sleek and sophisticated although I wouldn't have the nerve to paint my bedroom black.

Thanks for visiting and for you sweet compliment!

Brigitte Garnier said...

congratulations with the olympic gold medal for Canada, it's a kind of medal for every canadien I suppose. It's like our belgian pride, our 2 tennis-stars, Kim Clijsters & Justine Henin, everytime we're excited wehn they're playing a match somewhere.
And also thank you for your nice commentary on my blog, I do apreciate it very much and yes, the house is mine and yes, I love it!!!!

Keep in touch,
warmest regards,
Brigitte Garnier.

Maria Killam said...

Love the green and cream kitchen, that's stunning!

Fifi Flowers said...

J'adore colour!!! The Olympics have flown by... FUN Olympic bicycle!

micah said...

Love the olympics.... great pics.... thanks for the eye candy!

"Yeah, that works..!" said...

What amazing images you shared- Love the crazy pink kitchen. The Olympics are indeed layered with so many inspiring elements from concept to athlete and everything inbetween. Though I am cheering on the U.S. (and Canada seeing as how I have made so many Canadian blogger friends), I truly applaud all involved.

I just noticed you added the link to my blog! Thank you so much!!!! I am so thrilled and honored!

Unknown said...

Color does make the world go round. It unites us without words yet gives us reason to share our likes or dislikes. Great post with lots of yummy colors. I really enjoyed the bicycle too.

People are so creative and generous with their talents the possibilities are endless and colorful.


DesignTies said...

Love how you tied the Olympic ring colours to the definining colour of some FAB spaces! And I'm crazy about that pink kitchen!! But I'm wondering... why isn't there an ORANGE ring? It's the bestest colour around!!

Kelly@ColorSizzle said...

Pretty, pretty pictures -- all inspired by the Olympic rings? Amazing how color is so powerful and inspirational. Thanks for sharing, Kelly!

Unknown said...

Yea I can leave a comment. I have been trying for a day and blogger kept telling me ERROR!!! Stupid blogger. Great post.

Janis@White Alder[Home] said...

What a fun post.....that black kitchen is fantastic!

Susan said...

Lovin your sidebar...

Susan Lang@ Desiging Your Dream Home said...

Most enjoyable! Thanks for reminding me of the history of the Olympic Rings- I am a fan of the Olympics, both summer and winter. I was fortunate enough to attend the Summer Olympics held in Montreal in 1976. It was awesome!

Michelle said...

These are beautiufl rooms Kelly...and yes, I can't turn off the Olympics...I've been downtown a few times, and it's absolutely crazy!


Gayle said...

I haven't watched any of the Olympics, but I am loving these beautiful room photos!

unique unique design said...

Congrats to all Canada's wins...even the hockey game !:) Love your tie in with all the colorful rooms. Such beautiful photos. That bathtub is really fabulous!

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