October 5, 2009

Moony Monday Memories

Party_Horns_215 Every week, I check out Gayle’s Monday Memories blog party over at Planet M Files. But I’ve never actually participated — I’m like that party crasher who shows up and doesn’t bring a bottle of wine ;-) So this week, I'm being a proper party guest and contributing to the party with a Monday Memories post :-)

Last week, a Twitter friend posted a link to these unique wedding cake toppers. We had a unique topper on our wedding cake, and I wanted to find it and post a picture of it. As I was going through all the wedding pictures looking for one of the topper,  I saw lots of smiling faces, drunk people, my cousin’s wife with her eyes closed and a napkin on her head, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, a mouthful of food, and a set of boobs. And there’s this classic picture that’s been on our fridge door since the fall of 2001 (close your eyes if you’re easily offended!!):

MMM moons

Hahahhaha!! Hubby and I had fun trying to figure out whose butts they are. The girl was easy, but the guys took a bit more thought!!

So as you can see, it was a pretty relaxed, informal kind of wedding!! And our cake topper fit in perfectly. I don’t have it anymore and I can’t find any close-up shots of it, but I think you can see it pretty well in this picture:

MMM cake topper

You had to know that our wedding colour scheme was purple :-)

My best memories of our wedding day…

Grandma being my Matron of Honour even though she’d had a stroke a month before our wedding. She was in a wheelchair and she couldn’t say much or do much, but she was there and she was smiling and that made my day :-) We even managed to convince her nurse and the ambulance driver to come inside and have dinner & cake :-)

Dwayne telling hubby that he forgot the ring and hubby (and everyone else!) believing him — and people frantically running around trying to find a ring to borrow for the ceremony. Gotcha!!

The sunset during the ceremony.

Seeing all of our family and friends having a good time. Especially during the scavenger hunts!!

The photographer getting hoisted way up into the air to take this group shot:

MMM backhoe

And of course, marrying my dude :-) We had our eight anniversary this past September, so looks like we made it past the 7-year itch :-)

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One of my Hobby Blogs said...

the girl was easy - lol

Gayle said...

Kelly, you had some wild wedding! Hahaha!

You're on twitter? Do I follow you on twitter? I don't go on that often, so I don't remember!

Christy said...

Oh what fun! I love that you had a purple themed wedding!

Puna said...

Oh my gosh Kelly, too funny. Was one of the butts your gradpa or uncle? That would be very embarrassing for sure.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Oh Kelly, I knew from the get-go you were my kind of gal! What a fabulous wedding. I am touched about your grandmother & the thought of the sunset as a back-drop. Truly a fabulous evening for all. The cake topper is priceless but the butt shot is stellar. All in all, spectacular ~ Xx deb

Greet Lefèvre said...

What a funny wedding!


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