August 11, 2009

Working through our project list…

After reading Kelly’s post yesterday on her many half completed projects, I couldn’t help myself… I had to BRAG! After a lot of pleading, a good deal of planning and a little bit of waiting I returned home from work on Friday to see… a completed project!! My husband Brian didn’t mention ANYTHING about tackling this particular project that day so it was a wonderful surprise!!

Okay… some truth: the project is only two-thirds complete!

HEY! That’s better than half-done! Sorry Kelly!!

Another little truth here… Kelly informs me that she has completed ONE of her projects!! I risk death if I reveal anything to you!! HaHa! Don’t worry; she’ll share her project news with you all soon! :-)

In the mean time, I have something to share and she doesn’t!!

 Oh ya… this IS a competition!!

So what’s my news?

If you’ve read my post detailing our long list of projects, you will remember this:


A couple of VERY POOR mock-ups depicting my plans to punch a hole in our kitchen wall and installing a window!! Brian would want me to be a bit more specific… my plans for HIM to punch a hole in our kitchen so that HE could install a window!! ;-)

Until Friday, this is what the back of our little bungalow looked like:

[16Feb08] Back Exterior 3

Brian – being the good bloke that he is – remembered to take some process photos for me. So… here are a couple of pics showing the hole he created in our exterior wall.

DSC02441 DSC02440

DON’T LOOK CLOSELY at my backyard!! It’s horrid and our spring/summer project for next year!

And now… the back of our house with my new window!!!!!


I Love it!!

And it’ll look even better after we paint the house this weekend!! Yes, endless projects!

Here’s a close up of the window (Brian still has to install the sill) – and you can see my kitchen through it! How cool is that?! People walking down the alley get a little peek-a-boo, and I don’t mind in the least!

Kitchen Window

So what does it look like from the inside? Here’s the before:


And here’s what it looks like now!



Now you can see the one-third part of this project that hasn’t been completed… we need to re-insulate, drywall and then Brian needs to work his window trim magic!

No worries! We’ll be 100% finished with this project in the next few days! I just couldn’t wait until then to share!!

Can you blame me?!

I can’t begin to tell you what a difference this little window makes… it not only increases the natural light into the kitchen, but it also give the illusion of additional space.

NO window covering for this window… my plan is to hang a piece of stained glass in the centre :-)

So… we’re a few days away from crossing ONE MORE project off of our long project list!

Mini-updates on other projects… also on Friday we had our excavator-guy come in and prepare the slope of our yard for the second wall we’ll build… the plan is to start on that this Thursday! Here’s a photo of how the excavator-guy got his bobcat up onto our yard – up and over the wall! Man he was good! I’m also sharing a photo of our front wall. I think the last pics I shared with you showed only 2 or 3 levels of bricks… this is the full 5 bricks high (although we still need to install the stairs for this final level AND the dark gray capstones along the top of the wall… oh… and cut capstones for the curved ends of each stair [but that will come at the very end]).

DSC02447 DSC02399

AND, as I’d mentioned above, our plan is to paint the house this weekend!! Of course, this particular project depends completely on the weather… and right now it’s not looking good :-( I’ll keep you updated on that!!

Thanks for dropping by and sharing my window news!

Be sure to drop by tomorrow for our Rewind Wednesday blog party… this week is Kelly’s turn!! Learn more about Rewind Wednesday… and consider participating yourself!!

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Kelly here… I just have to chime in with my two cents and say that Victoria is SUCH a show-off!!!!! Just because SHE has BIG projects like building retaining walls and punching holes in her house walls, she thinks her projects are SO much more impressive than mine!! Ummmm… well, OK, actually those ARE pretty impressive projects!!  BUT, I really do have one TOTALLY finished project now… Weeeehooo!!!! I’ll post pics soon. And I want everyone to make a REALLY BIG DEAL over it and stick it to Victoria!!! Ppphhhhtttt!!!! ;-)



Boy oh boy… our Kelly is feeling the strain of competition!! ;-)

two-friends-hugging HUGS!!!

Friend Kelly – you’re the absolute BEST! Truely!!!

Now… we all know that a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, so…

Bring it on!!!


Christy said...

You girls are so funny! And talented! Victoria - that window really transforms your house - inside and out. Kelly, can't wait for your big reveal photos!

WhisperWood Cottage said...

You've been busy! Everything is looking fabulous!!


Gayle said...

Uh oh! A design throw-down!

Victoria, your projects look great, and Kelly, I can't wait to see your finished project!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Wow, Victoria, that window looks gorgeous! The wall came along nicely too. It sounds like your weekends are booked up for the rest of the year!

Oh, Kelly . . . your projects are great too! Can't wait to see this finished project we are hearing about. These projects are working out well; I think the two of you are balancing your posts out nicely between what you both have going on.

Unknown said...

LOL @ Kelly...bring it on!!! he he.

Victoria, these are amazing projects, and with the price of real estate here in Vancouver, you are only making money...go girl!


Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

You girls make me laugh! I love the competition - that's what I need to get the fire started on my projects!

Victoria - what a difference the window makes! The stained glass idea is perfect as a window treatment! I was wondering how the retaining wall was coming along - glad to see the progress.

What material is the outside of your house? Stucco? I'm curious to see what you paint it with. We have aggregate on 2 of the exterior walls of our garage and it is u-u-ugly. I want to paint it, but I'm not sure what to use. Keep us posted!

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

Kelly - thanks for your comments on my project completion post! Anxious to see the painting in person - and to meet you!

southerninspiration said...

Hi and thanks for coming by my blog.....good luck on that purple front door...I bet it will look amazing! I love your blog and will check back to see the door! ;)


mrsben said...

That hubby of yours is definitely 'a keeper'.
Great all-around progress!!!!! May I ask you a question? Could you tell me what brand are your Windows as I do like the design or did Brian add the Window Grills himself? (Thanks) -Brenda-

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

That window makes all the difference in your room! Wow! I love it.

DesignTies said...

Thanks for the window love everyone!!
Brenda... the windows we're installing are Jeldwen and the grills/mullions are actually part of the window design. The style is called "prairie". I chose them for their nod to craftsman detailing! I think they'll look even better when I paint the window frames in black!!

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

Thanks for the info Victoria. The aggregate on our garage is probably the same stuff that's under the paint on yours - like cement with little rocks stuck in it - UGGGHHHH! I want to cover it with siding - but the projects budget is a little low these days (not that I mind when I'm sitting in the hot tub :))- so paint is a less-expensive fix for the moment.

For your tables - try using a foam roller for the new coat. My sister-in-law (aka my expert) has painted ALOT of furniture and recommended either a sprayer or a foam roller to get a brush free finish. I am planning to buy a sprayer eventually because I want to paint my kitchen cupboards, so it will be a good investment. Ahhh - so many projects.

Good luck with all your painting projects!

MoOt - Modern Ottawa Blog said...

Great job on the window! Your house looks much better with it. I'm looking forward to see more transformation from both of you :)
- Marie

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