August 7, 2009

I’m Hooked on Michelle!

Not too long after the inception of DesignTies in January of this year, one of the first blogs I discovered was Michelle Morelan’s A Schematic Life. I was immediately drawn to her writing style, her sense of aesthetic, the interiors and design she showcased, and of course her beautiful one-of-a-kind renderings! The fact that she lived right here in the lower mainland, British Columbia… bonus!!

img018 copy

Recently, though, Michelle has been showcasing original and what I feel are absolutely stunning abstract paintings. I mean… I was a regular and loyal visitor of A Schematic Life, an admirer of Michelle’s designs and renderings… but now I’m just plain HOOKED! I’m hooked on Michelle Morelan… and everything she produces!!

So hooked, in fact, that I felt compelled to showcase some of Michelle’s work for Hooked on Fridays, a weekly blog party hosted by Julia from Hooked on Houses.

If you haven’t already discovered Michelle… and if you’re not already hooked on her like I am… you will be after you see what I have to share with you!

Introducing… the enormously talented interior designer, Michelle Morelan!!

DSC01353There’s a silly tale to this photo. I had met Michelle for a yummy lunch at a restaurant called Joey’s. After lunch we found ourselves in the ladies room admiring the art hanging on the walls, the fantastic granite trough sink and the overall design of the space. It really is a lovely bathroom!DSC01350DSC01352

Out comes my camera and I start TRYING to take photos of the space. Nothing would turn out! Then we decided we wanted to take a photo of us together. Hmmm. That involved using the timer feature!! Disaster! Finally… after several takes, I captured the one I’m sharing with you today (my hair is much lighter now – I don’t look like me!). We laughed so hard at how inept I was with my camera!! :-)

So didn’t I promise you some Michelle Morelan design?!

Let’s start with some of her fantabulous interiors… all photos b0rrowed from her website, Michelle Morelan Design.


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Lovely, lovely interiors!

Those of you familiar with Michelle know her for her unbelievable renderings! My blog partner Kelly was VERY fortunate, recently, to win an original Michelle rendering of her living room. Using only a photograph to guide her, this is what Michelle produced:

renderings_kelly_giveaway_cropped_thumb[42]I can’t begin to tell you how excited Kelly was to receive this special illustration!

Here’s one that really struck my fancy… Michelle travels when ever the opportunity presents itself, and this illustration is of Amsterdam.

amsterdam 4[6]

I SOOOO want to go to Amsterdam. I’m sure it would look just like this!!

Sometimes, when Michelle sees a photo of an indoor or outdoor space on a blogger-friend’s site that she loves, she’ll surprise them by creating a beautiful rendering and posting it on A Schematic Life.

Like this one… Maria from Colour Me Happy took a trip to Provence a few years ago and stayed in this beautiful rental villa:

maria in provence

Wouldn’t you love to stay here, too?!

Or how about this fantastic room designed by Joni from Cote De Texas?


There’s also this lovely rendering of Brooke’s (Velvet & Linen) front door…


Another that I can’t leave out… a beautiful room designed by Patricia Gray


Finally, I can’t leave out the rendering Michelle made specially for Tobi Fairley. Tobi was recently in Vancouver and Ivan Meade from Meade Design Group hosted a brunch in honour of her, inviting many Vancouver-based bloggers – myself included! At that lovely gathering Michelle presented her with a wonderful rendering of a fantastic Tobi-designed room!

Tobi_Fairley_012_thumb[2] tobi_lr_thumb[19]

Lovely, lovely renderings!!

Now… if you’re not already hooked on the talents of Michelle, you will be after you see her creative and – in my opinion – simply stunning abstract paintings! All photos were borrowed from Michelle’s blog, A Schematic Life. Where possible, names and other information about her paintings were captured. I hope I got it right!!

The Dance of the Sun and Moon

CIMG88945 18” x 24”, Acrylic on Linen

Study in Yellow Oxide

Albarosa 2_thumb[7]

36” x 48” Acrylic on Canvas


Bark Study


Inks and gesso on canvas, 18” x 24”



Assignment for Mixed Media class at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design

CIMG8550_thumb Ink on rice paper, acrylic and gels and drafting ink on watercolour paper, 20” x 30”


No Name Identified

(My impression = a birch tree forest)


Acrylic and gesso on wood, 12” x 24”


No Name Identified

Emily Carr 040_thumb[13]

Acrylic, watercolour, ink and chalk with gesso on watercolour paper


No Name Identified

Albarosa 1_thumb

Oils, 30” x 48”

Lovely, lovely paintings! 

Are you as blown away as I am?

I want one!!

I’ll say it again… I am hooked on Michelle Morelan!! Her skill, vision and talent, her ability to capture light, texture and colour in ALL her designs, her love of pure design and her commitment to the arts – all are attributes that I enormously admire!

Be sure to make your way over to Michelle’s blog, A Schematic Life, and see for yourself just how fantastic Michelle is… you’ll be hooked, too!

Thanks to Julia for hosting her weekly blog party, Hooked on Fridays. Be sure to make your way back to her blog to find out what all her partiers are hooked on, too!

And before I forget… Kelly and I host a weekly blog party of our own: Rewind Wednesdays. Take a moment to learn all about it by clicking right HERE!



Christy said...

She is very talented indeed! I love that bedroom - how the back of the headboard is a set of shelves in the middle of the room! And that dining room table looks oh so inviting. And the family room windows with that spectacular view? Swoon. I can see why you're hooked!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love that picture of you, Victoria! You look so good in Kelly's favorite color! ; )

I have to thank you for bringing not only Michelle to my attention, but these other blogs as well. The renderings are just gorgeous and who wouldn't be flattered to have one done for them!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

How have I gone this long without hearing about her? Wow! I'm impressed. I can't imagine what it would be like to be so multitalented.

Michelle said...

I did a long comment, then lost it...uggh.

First, that photo of us is hilarious!! timers, mirrors, and I think I look snobby with my nose in the You can see my double chin :)))

You should come and paint one day...CBC radio 1, a palette knife, paint, and we are off and's so relaxing!!

I actually do allot of painting at Patricia's in her garage we have made into a studio, but lately, with the great weather, I have been behind my scarlet runner beans in my's fun too, and the neighbours have all come to hang out and chat!

I'm glad you enjoyed your rendering Kelly! You have a lovely room! I'm always amazed when I see the interiors of blogger's homes...there is some real talent out there!!

We should do lunch again Victoria! Too bad Kelly is in Ottawa...I would love to meet you Kelly!!

I'm just so darn flattered!! Everyone loves your blog...your passion for design and personalities are what keeps bringing me back here.

Thank you!!

pk @ room remix said...

Thanks for the introduction to Michelle. I'm leaving here to check out her site. Love the renderings.

Fifi Flowers said...

Michelle does FAB work!!!

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

wow, wow, and wow! michelle does amazing work. what a talent. thanks so much for showcasing some of her work.


Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

Oh and added your blog to my blogroll.


Ashley Whittenberger said...

What lovely work Michelle does. Thank you for sharing this with the blogosphere!

Pam Kersting said...

She is definitely very talented! I love her work and her blog! Great post!

Terry said...

Me too. Her posts teach me something. Her comments on other blogs usually teach as well. Showing me beautiful things is one thing. Help me understand a bit about how it's done, well that what Michelle tries to do.

Gayle said...

Wow, Michelle is a very talented woman!

Maria Killam said...

What a beautiful post on Michelle! She is a lovely westcoast Designer! An Interior Designer and Artist as well *sigh* to have more than one artistic talent is a wonderful thing!

Lauren said...

She's amazing!!!!! awesome post. thanks so much for letting me know about it Victoria!!

also, because i've been so MIA I haven't seen your new header- LOVE IT!!!!! :)


Brillante Interiors said...

Oh! Yes! Michelle is just something else, full of talent and surprises. She is also a very nice, warm personality!


I am not just hooked to Michelle's talent I am definitely hooked to a long friendship with her.

Michelle is the most thoughtful and sweet person in the West Coast (I'm sorry ladies) and independently in how creative and talented she is she has had the most generous soul.

I am a big Fan of Michelle - What can I say!

cotedetexas said...

I adore michelle - and I love the rendering she did of my family room!!!

and yes - I will let my daughter wear the necklace - she just con't have it. It's mine! haha!!!!


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