August 9, 2009

All about half

meta monday I’ve been so out of the blog loop lately. And I haven’t had time to work on any decorating projects for ages. But seeing as I’ve pretty much left Victoria on her own to keep DesignTies rolling along, I figured  I better post something now that I’m back home with my trusty high speed internet connection!!

So, here I am with a post for the weekly Metamorphosis Monday blog party hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. Only… ummmmm… well, I don’t actually have a metamorphosis to show you. What I really need is Metamorphosis-half-done Monday. Because I have about 103 projects on the go but they’re all only about half done. Well, OK, one is maybe two-thirds done – I MIGHT have a proper Met Monday post for you next week. But more realistically, it’ll be the week after that. Or maybe the week after the week after that… the best I can do this week is tell you about three projects I’ve been working on today.

(1) I bought four of these chairs from Kijiji in the spring. Or maybe it was the winter and I just don’t want to admit how long they’ve been sitting here!! ;-)

chair 1

My plan is to sand them, stain or paint them, and replace the rattan seats with upholstered ones. I just finished sanding the third chair today, and I have the seat fabric picked out. I can’t show you what it looks like, though, because that’ll spoil the big reveal!!

(2) I originally painted my home office last August & September, including a letter mural on two of the walls.

office 1

Hubby FINALLY finished installing a proper ceiling and halogen lighting a couple of weeks ago. Which also involved boxing in an I-beam and a pipe and installing crown moulding. Which messed up some of the walls. Argh!! So, I had to repaint. Serious pain in the butt, but what can you do?? Oh, but not the mural walls – those ones are fine. So now the walls are good to go, but the crown and ceiling still need some touching up. Once that’s done, hubby is going to build me a desk, and then I can finally put my office together. Yeah!!

(3) Our new next door neighbours painted their house the same colours are ours, right down to the front door. That just won’t do!! So I’m repainting our door. This shot is from a couple of years ago when the door was brown…

front door

I washed the door and hosed down the front porch this afternoon. Once I tape things off, I’ll start painting. The colour I picked is… a surprise!!

And that’s it – three of my half-done metamorphoses. Kind of a rip-off, I know. I mean, Met Monday is supposed to be about amazing & cool transformations, not “I hope I’ll finish one of these projects eventually” half-done transformations.

Hmmmm… I have to show you something cool… OK, got it!! How’s this – in keeping with my half-done theme, how can you transform 1,500 half dollar coins into something funky & functional??


Why, you turn them into a chair, of course!!

coin chair johnny swingIt’s the Half Dollar/Butterfly Chair by Johnny Swing. It’s made with 1,500 silver half dollars and has 7,000 welds. That’s a lot of coins and a whole lot of welds!!


And you’ll need a whole lot of half dollars to buy one of these babies – 58,000 of them, as a matter of fact. The Half Dollar chair costs a whopping $29,000. Eeeek!!

I hope you aren’t feeling totally gypped with my half-done transformations. Hurry back to Between Naps on the Porch and see if you can find some all-done ones!!

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Signing Out said...

Love the chair and your office! I can so relate to your post. I've got three rooms going at once. Two are almost done, but of course, I've started a third.


Jeannine | The Small and Chic Home said...

We saw the coin chair on that TLC show that Doug does...moving up? I can't believe it's $30K!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I'm sure you'll get each project finished up and we'll all be drooling over them! Can't believe your neighbor painted their house the same as yours. We had a neighbor across the street from us that changed out their front door to the exact one we had {really - there was not another door you liked?}.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're the most wonderful one! You'll get your projects done! I have all these projects in my tinyhead, but can't seem to get them to pop out on real things!
Ve a sweetie,

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

A coin chair, pretty cool. And we still have not finished our new kitchen..., after two years!

Katie Lane said...

Love those mural words in your office, such a great idea!!

Sharlotte said...

I totally understand, I'm also in the middle of a couple of projects. I know you're anxious to finish your office ~ I love the mural words. That is really neat! Keep us posted on your projects, can't wait to see those chairs transformed!

Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS said...

Looking forward to seeing the chairs. I'm a big spray paint fan myself. If I had to sand anything and clean brushes, it would wait forever to get done! Make it quick and easy and instantly gratifying, I say!

Terry said...

Your next door neighbor painted the same color? Doing that can make both houses disappear. Good thing you are repainting your door.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the walls! Can't wait to see the chair transformation.

qerat said...

Nice fun walls Kelly :)

Christy said...

I can't image that chair would be comfy! Did you actually PAINT those letters? I assumed that was wallpaper. I'm sure you'll catch up with your projects soon and I look forward to seeing what color you paint your door. I just hope your neighbors don't follow suit!

From the Old InkWell said...

I love the letters/words on the wall! You will have to show us how you did this. Is it stenciled on? How did you get it to look so random yet I know there had to be a plan?? Great job!

Decor mamma said...

Kathy from Creative Home Expression's sent me here! Love your blog. I've got many half done projects as well, it's never ending isn't it?
Nice to meet you...when you get the chance swing by my place!


Gayle said...

Half done is good! We get to look forward to seeing the finished projects. It builds suspense!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I agree with Gayle; it does build suspense. Your office walls look terrific, fabulous job!

I would be so humiliated to copy a neighbor or anyone in the whole darn neighborhood when it came to anything on my homes exterior. So low....I'd be like you by changing my door color!
:D deb

mrsben said...

You posted this yesterday and today is a beautiful day with yes...we finally have some SUNSHINE, so.....the door shud be excuses. Am going to run around the block now and see what color you did it.

(You do know that I'm only kidding Kelly.)

Everything is looking good, can hardly wait to see your in-the-works projects completed. Know they are going to be FAB. Hugs -Brenda-

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

Oh man, I'm right there with you Kelly! I keep talking about all the projects I want to do, and just need to get my butt in gear and get SOMETHING - ANYTHING accomplished. ;)

I L-O-V-E those chairs. That's just what I'm looking for in my new dining room (yet another un-finished project - actually that ones an un-"started" project - sighhhhh).

Staci said...

Your mural words are awesome! did you paint those or is it paper?

Maria Killam said...

Kelly you are too funny! 1/2 of everything - creative or what!

DesignTies said...

In answer to the question a few of you have asked -- I paint all the letters on my office walls by hand, except for the small silver letters that spell the words. Those are vinyl -- it was just too hard to paint the small letters. But I like how they add a different dimension the the mural :-)

When I post about my completed office (fingers crossed it'll be done soon!!), I'll tell you how I created the mural :-)

Thanks for all the great feedback and the encouragement to get my projects done!!


Pauline Wiles said...

Oh, I suffer from half-finished-itis too, it's so good to know I'm not the only one!
Your office walls are fabulous.

Kammy said...

Holy Heck !
That chair costs that much molla ?? I just saw it on the trading up show in some ol (I don't think too rich) coin room....maybe his was a knock off - LOL !
I can hardly wait to see your NEW color on the front door - I need to do mine too !

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