May 13, 2009

Vienna Way Residence — The Kitchen

Vienna Way Residence is a home in Venice, California. It was designed by the architecture firm Marmol Radziner and Associates, and it has one of the most beautiful and unique kitchens I’ve ever seen. Well, other than my virtual kitchen transformation that I posted about a little while ago!! ;-) In fact, this kitchen made it to the #1 spot on an episode of HGTV’s Top 10, which features some of the best-designed rooms in North America.

In this exterior shot of the house, the kitchen is in the center at the far end of the pool, where it bridges the two “wings” of the house. It literally is the hub of this home. If you looks closely, you can see that the kitchen has a green roof. It’s planted with Cape Rush and is visible from the second storey hallway on the right.

exterior b

The kitchen’s green roof helps make the home more efficient — the approximately eight inches of soil in the garden helps to regulate the temperature in the kitchen below, reducing the need for air conditioning in the summer and and heating in the winter.

kitchen roof

Now let’s go inside and take a look through the huge kitchen windows at the pool. Besides the lovely view, can you see what makes this space so unique??

Vienna_12 001

It’s a sunken kitchen!! I’ve never seen anything like it, and I think it’s just spectacular.

The eating area is tucked in discreetly to one side, and the stairs come down into the kitchen from each of the two wings.

Kitchen 5

kitchen while i

walnut loftHow gorgeous is the wood ceiling?? It’s walnut, and looks a lot like the walnut floor in our loft!! (Picture over there on the right.) The countertops and cabinets are walnut too. The colour is so rich and warm, and the grain is amazing. The unobtrusive pot lights ensure that nothing gets in the way of the amazing views out of the windows that surround the space.

Vienna_10 001

How would you like look out over the pool — literally!! — while doing the dishes?!


I’ve found the oven and I think a microwave, but no fridge. There has to be a fridge in there somewhere!! I have no idea where… can you spot anything that looks like it might be the fridge?? And I’m guessing that the small dark rectangles just below the countertop are electrical outlets. You can see one in the picture below, at the beginning of the run of cabinets on the right.

Vienna_03 001

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this kitchen. Could you see yourself whipping up Christmas dinner here?? Or do you think you’d always order take-out Chinese and pizza so you’d never have to mess it up?? Would you be more likely to wash dishes by hand if you could stand at that sink and look out over the pool?? Hey… where’s the dishwasher?!

Be sure to come back tomorrow to read about the award-winning landscaping at the Vienna Way Residence…


Unless otherwise noted, all interior pictures from Marmol Radziner and Associates

All exterior pictures from

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Christy said...

Um yes I'm cook up a storm in there! And I bet they have fridge drawers - I think they're going to be all the rage in new fab houses. And I just LOVE that banquette. So fabulous. I just realized - no upper cabinets. Neat-o.

One of my favorite posts of yours, for sure! Loved it!

Michelle said...

I've had this home in my favorite for quite some's really the home of my dreams...I love the way the materials continue indoors to out...the lower cabinets, the glazing...just love it.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

That is AMAZING! I never seen a 'green' roof like that before. I'm going to have to read up on that!

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly - admittedly, a spectacular "kitchen" because kitchen you cannot call this really - can you? But what I honestly miss here is the female touch AND would YOU dare to touch anything here? Imagine the tomato juice spilled somewhere or honey on the edge of the fridge. I would have the feeling that someone is looking over my shoulder all the time, shaking the head in dismay about all the mistakes I am doing....

Janis@An Inspired Life said...

TOTAL AWESOMENESS!! Not sure if that's even a word but I think I'll use it anyway. This kitchen is FANTASTIC I love the green roof the open design and the views, someone thought about everything when dreaming up this place. Looking forward to tomorrows post.

Janis @ An Inspired Life said...

Kelly I have to send you a HUGE Thank You for giving me the "shipping to Canada scoop"!!!
I'm soooooooooo excited to enjoy some of those fantastic online deals , my husband on the other hand wishes I never found your blog ;-)

Thanks a bunch.

Kat said...

Kelly, this home is simply amazing. The kitchen is beyond fabulous, I love the way the lower level makes it seem as if you're almost floating in the pool. I assume this has dishwasher "drawers", but I can't find a fridge anywhere! Just stunning, thanks so much for sharing. Kathy (btw, just noticed the "copy error" on your side bar, I almost spit coffee out of my nose I was laughing so hard. Thanks for the giggle)

DesignTies said...

Isn't this an awesome kitchen?? It looks too good to cook in!! But if it was my kitchen, I think I'd find excuses to be in it all the time so I could enjoy the view of the pool and rub those gorgeous walnut countertops!!

Yeah, the fridge and dishwasher have to be tucked away in drawers somewhere.... but they're definitely well-hidden!!

I have more pics of Vienna Way to share with you tomorrow. I hope you'll come back and check them out :-)


angelo said...

I LOVE this house. Just pure perfection and yes, I would cook, entertain, bake and pretty much to anything in that kitchen. Wonderful pics. The dishwasher and fridge are probably (I'm guessing here) drawer fridge/freezer and dishwasher. They are the "new" thing so you don't have to take up too much vertical space and block views, etc...

Great Blog.

mrsben said...

This is an awesome house/home. So do love the 'walnut'!!!!!

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