September 1, 2010

Art for Life Campaign ~ Close to the finish line!

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Way back in March, New Brunswick artist Matt LeBlanc embarked on his Art for Life Campaign. His goal: to create 200 original abstract paintings in 6 months and raise $25,000 for cancer research.

I don’t I know how he’s done it with a busy home life and his day job at an ad agency, but Matt is almost there!! As of today, September 1st, Matt has completed 172 paintings and raised $19,475!! YAY MATT!!!

Matt’s campaign officially ends on Thursday, September 23rd. That leaves him 23 days to create 28 more paintings and raise $5,525. So if you want to support cancer research and own a beautiful piece of abstract art, now’s the time to do it!! Each painting is 24” x 24” and costs $150. And in a few years when Matt is more famous than that other Matt LeBlanc, who knows how much your painting will be worth!! But more importantly, you’ll be helping the search for a cure to cancer. And THAT is a very good thing :-)

These are some of the paintings that are available for purchase. Be sure to check out Matt’s Art for Life Gallery for the complete collection so far…matt 116 matt 172

matt 124 

matt 127 

matt 141

matt 153

If you’re in the Moncton/Dieppe area, you can check out Matt’s big Art for Life Campaign gala on Friday, September 24th at the new Dieppe Arts and Culture Centre. All 200 paintings will be on display, and Matt just might be there too — assuming he’s still awake after all that work!!

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A Note from Victoria

I hope you'll help Matt LeBlanc in his quest!

M.LeBlanc Painting 60 copyCancer touches all of us at some point in our lives - in fact, right this moment I'm undergoing tests to determine whether lymphoma is the cause of the enlarged lymph nodes in my chest. My doctors are suspecting another not-so-fun cause (ruling out lymphoma will tell them for sure), but you can imagine what's going through my head on a daily basis as I wait for testing and results!! Anyway... this is not about me... it's about supporting people like Matt who are working HARD to raise money for cancer research. More importantly, it’s about doing all we can for individuals fighting cancer!!

I purchased a beautiful painting from Matt's "The Art of Life Campaign" (above); consider buying one of your own... and help to find a cure for this horrible disease!!



Kate said...

Fabulous art work and what a fabulous mission creating such awareness - kudos to him !

qerat said...

What a great cause.
this is a true artist.

Blayne Macauley said...

wow. that is a huge commitment! I cannot imagine doing that and having a full time job. Way to go, and he's almost reached his goal!

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