September 22, 2010

Carter & Company Interior Design

Every now and then, I do a Google search for interior designers in a particular city. I tried out Boston recently, and came across Carter & Company.


Michael Carter creates timeless designs by mixing old with new. He designs homes in and around Boston, as well as Nantucket and New York City. What I really like about his designs is that they’re both elegant and simple, and are rooms that you feel like you could just walk right into a feel comfortable in. Let’s take a look at some of his work, starting with some welcoming entries.

foyer carter and company

You might recognize this entry from the post I wrote last week about glass floats. Love the door and the arched ceiling.

foyer_10 carter and company

Nice repetition of the square light fixtures in this hallway.

foyer lanterns carter and company

Just a small nautical touch ;-)

costal_02 carter and co

Beautiful coffered ceiling, light fixture, and wainscoting in this dining room.

dining room carter and company

Those are some freakin’ BIG candlesticks!!

dining room carter and company 2

And a completely different style in this country-inspired dining area. Love the timber frame and the blue accents, especially the table base.

family dining carter and co

You can see the same dining area in this next picture. I’m guessing this is the living room and the room with the blue sofa is the family room.

living carter and company 2

I’m a big fan of tall stone fireplace. The light blue cushions, flowers, and artwork give the room a bit of a beach vibe.

living carter and company 3

living carter and company

Another fantastic light fixture, and totally dig the dark painted ceiling.

library carter and co

A fresh and bright office. But where’s the computer?!

library turquoise carter and co

Beautiful soft grey tiles on the wainscoting and in the shower. Not crazy about the sink with the exposed pipes, but really like the overall look of the room.

bath_01 carter and co

Anyone care for a long relaxing soak in this tub??

bath_02 carter and co

And finally, a look that I absolutely adore — layered mirrors. I need to do this is my house!!

mirror on mirror carter and company

Who are some of your favourite designers??

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Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

What a fun game that is - picking a city and doing an interior designer search. This was a very successful find! That white and bright office was my favourite!

qerat said...

Beautiful rooms Kelly especially the white office

christine, just bella said...

Great images! I gasped when I saw that room with the dark walls and ceiling. Somehow it still feels light and airy - love it!

A Room For Everyone said...

Hi girls..I love the dining room with a hint of blue and the white room with touches of aqua. Stunning work.. Rachaelxx

Anonymous said...

I so want that table with the blue legs !!!

Susan said...

I really like all his rooms... especially with you on the layering mirror idea. Loving it!
See you on the weekend!

Unknown said...

Well Mr Carter is quite talented isn't he! Great find. We need to turn him into a blogger and have him come over to the dark side! hehe

Unknown said...

So fun...loving those amazing bathrooms, and the foyers are gorgeous as well!

~CC Catherine said...

Hmmm, Talk sassy to you! :) Nah, can't do it! Okay... This is a Smart & SASSY post! How's that? lol Seriously though, what a tremendous post with gorgeous designs! Mr Carter does awesome work, for sure! I love the white influence in a home., very serene! Although I don't have this much white in my own home at the time, I dream of having "at least" one room in the future! A personal office space like the one in this post would be divine! I do have the office - I just need to have a redo! My favorite designer??? You all are amidst mine! You are definitely one of my favorite designers, as well as Kathleen Ellis Designs. She also has a blog that I follow and is a dear friend and designer. Ciao...~CC Catherine

Unknown said...

Very nice photos! I wonder if anyone lives in those spaces? ;)

Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment today!!!

Lauren said...

RE. the office, maybe Mr. Carter keeps his iPad on his person.

What happens when you search for interior designers in really hick towns? I want to see those!

anthony said...

I was going to say that the house looks a bit bereft of technology - do people even live in this house, or is it just a show house? I think i could probably manage to live in it!!

Marie Brady said...

Very airy and livable. I love the deep brown room the best! I wonder where they hide all the clutter;)

Wendy said...

sooo many pretty things - thanks for sharing!!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

What gorgeous interiors! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Lisa said...

Such a beautiful home! I am so loving those square light fixtures in the hall!

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