August 20, 2010

I’m moving!!

That’s right!! As soon as I win the lottery this Saturday, I’m moving!! Into this house:

sailhboat house 1

When we went to Nova Scotia in September 2009, we discovered an amazing little community by the ocean called Hell’s Point. But trust me, it’s HEAVENLY!!!! Here are some pics we took last year…


view down hill

view from yellow house  wide view 1


And some Hell’s Point houses…

yellow house HP2 green house grey yellow blue house pink house grey red shed

All beautiful, but none quite as unique as this house. Doesn’t it remind you of a sailboat?? :-)

sailhboat house 2

Hell’s Point is minutes away from my favourite beach in NS, Hirtle Beach.

hirtle beach RS

So I decided then and there in September 2009 that Hell’s Point is where I want to live.

Fast forward to August 2010. Hubby and I are trying to get to Sand Dollar Beach (which we actually drove right by multiple times without even realizing it!!) I took a right turn off the highway and we went down a meandering road for about 5 kms. And then lo and behold, there in front of us was Hell’s Point!! I totally didn’t remember how we got there last year, so it was a complete fluke that I turned where I did looking for Sand Dollar Beach.

Or was it… have you ever felt a connection with a place, like you’re just meant to be there?? That’s how I feel about Hell’s Point. It’s in the part of NS that I love best, close to the towns I love best, close to the beach I love best… *SIGH*

So anyway, a couple of days ago, I thought I’d check out the MLS listings in NS. I’d seen quite a few For Sale signs on our holiday and I was curious to see what the prices are are houses near the water. I zoomed into the South Shore area on the map, clicked on a red circle on the map, and would you believe…


Yes, the sailboat house is for sale!! And if I had an extra $850,000 floating around, I’d snap it up in a second. Half a second. A millisecond!!! Here are some interior shots… oh, the things I could do with this house!!! (Pics from Duckworth Real Estate).

DUCKWORTH kitchen DUCKWORTH sectional 2 DUCKWORTH nook

I love the angled ceilings…

DUCKWORTH sectional DUCKWORTH bedroom

And the awesome views…



The sailboat house is in the bottom right of this picture. And that’s the Atlantic Ocean at the top of the picture.


So if you know the secret for choosing the winning 6/49 numbers, please let me know :-) It doesn’t have to be a huge jackpot — a couple of million will do :-) I need a really big decorating budget, because I’m envisioning great things for this house!! Maybe something like this…

insp LR interior ihouse designs

Or maybe this…

insp LR thelennoxx

Then there’s this…

cottage interior comp coastal

How about this…

www interiordesign com

Or this…

beach-bedroom comp coastal

Ahhhhh, to dream…

Do you have a favourite place that tugs at your heartstrings?? Leave a comment and tell me about it!!



Unknown said... wouldn't surprise me in the least if you end up in this house someday, you and it seem to have a bond. So I am sending you lots of white light that your dream may be fulfilled!
But, fess up...why's it called Hell's Point?

Lisa said...

Ohh I don't think we can let you move away
But it would be a great place to visit - make sure the guest room is done quickly!!!

Gayle said...

That is such a beautiful place! Good luck with the lottery this weekend!

Susan said...

Hi Kelly,

Theres nothing like living on the coast. Now thats a fabulous house!!!

When you win wouldnt it be great to have a huge bloggers party at your lovely new home?

I must say my favorite of your rooms (and I do like all of them) that really speaks to me is the livingroom with the blue and orange... LOVE


Kate said...

Can you take me with you ?

Christy said...

Gorgeous and love the interior shots too. Good luck winning the lotto!!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

It looks like such a great area..., you could still move there, right!?

I'm looking to downsize..., so..., my dream is a small cottage, or cool modern prefab possibly..., somewhere nice. I wish I knew!

Jemsmom said...

Now THAT is a house! What I wouldn't give for a view like that! I love the little gray shingled house under the yellow one!

I love Ireland. The first time that we visited it, I stepped off the plane, looked at my husband and said, "I am home." I just felt like I should be there. I would move in a heartbeat!!!

Marsha Sefcik said...

Hi Kelly.

Living out west, I too was drawn to Nova Scotia and I bought my little piece of heaven 3.5 years ago and I have been renovating for the past 2
years. Love your inspiration photos.

I think destiny will have you in that house some day.

Kathy said...

that little grey house sure packs a powerful punch....Isn't Novia Scotia pretty cold in the winter? It sorta looks cold in those pictures....a big nice wool sweater is what you need then, better get some sheep, I've always wanted a wool farm!

Sally @ Pink.Vanilla.Love said...

I'll have the yellow one please!

Puna said...

The house is lovely, the location is lovely. I can't believe it's called Hell's Point!

Kat said...

Good luck! Maybe all the good wishes coming your way will pay off. In which case, I've got dibs on the guest room lol. What an unfortunate name for such a gorgeous place. The house is magnificent, and I know you would make it a showplace. My favorite is that little gray house with the peak above the door, or the gray with the red shutters. They are adorable and the views are amazing. Make sure that if you win you at least do a post before packing :)

Lauren said...

How utterly ridiculous that the very house you want just threw its ankles over its head & said, "Take me."

A little more serendipity & it'll surely be yours.

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