April 13, 2010

Vintage brooch bouquets: Bring on the bling!

bouquet strawberries and champagne Here’s an example of how blogging can introduce you to fabulous things you never knew existed. @jennamacneil left a comment on our Empowering Giveaway post (go enter NOW — I’ll wait!!). I visited her blog, My Bridal Bouquet, to read her latest post and to thank her for helping to spread the word about Matt’s campaign. The two comments before mine were about brooch bridal bouquets. Intrigued, I clicked on the link in one of the comments, which took me to the Wedding Bee forum and a discussion about making a vintage brooch bouquet. I clicked a link on the forum, which brought me to  Strawberries and Champagne and a post with pictures of vintage brooch bouquets.

brooch_wedding_boquet strawberries and champagne brooch_wedding_boquet2 strawberries and champagne

bouquet fantasy floral designs 3

Aren’t they beautiful?! They seem to be all the rage on wedding blogs and web sites…

bride with bouquet flickr

bride with bouquet enjoy yourself

I imagine they’re a bit complicated and time-consuming to make, but oh-so worth the effort!!


You don’t have to limit yourself to a wedding bouquet — I think one of these brooch bouquets would make a gorgeous arrangement in your home. Can you envision one in a vase on the night stand in your bedroom or in the living rom on your coffee table, or displayed in a shadow box…

vases gloria slaughter etsy

ball bouquet hanssie trainor photography 1

If you’re like me, you might have some of your mom’s or grandma’s old pieces of jewelry tucked away in a box. Wouldn’t this be a great way to show them off and enjoy them??

brooches the vintage chair

You could use brooches, earrings, rings, strings of beads, cufflinks… It would take a lot of pieces to make one bouquet, but you could combine your own pieces with inexpensive costume jewelry, beads, and buttons from sources like Ebay, Etsy, Michaels, WalMart…

fantasy_floral_Design_brooch_bouquets the wedding chat

Here’s another variation from Jamball that’s less ornate, but charming just the same. These bouquets incorporate beads, buttons, and baubles with flowers made from felt.

jamballs pinkjamballs peacock jamballs glitzy

If you have the baubles and brooches but don’t have the time, Fantasy Floral Designs in California can help. Send Amanda all your treasures, and she’ll create a bouquet for you.

bouquet fantasy floral designs

bouquet fantasy floral designs 2

fantasy-florals-brooch-bridal-bouquets-vintage-chic-colorful-vibrant wedding-pictures onewed

Or you can buy a bouquet from an artisan on Etsy

etsy bluemoonbouquet

bouquet gloria slaughter etsy bouquet etsy hairbowswonderworld

bouquet etsy hairbowswonderworld 2

If you want to find out more about vintage brooch bouquets, just Google “vintage brooch bouquet” and all sorts of great sources will pop up. And if you try your hand at making one, I’d love to see the results!!

bouquet daisy pink cupcake

sig new


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

These are very pretty! This is the first I'm hearing about this type of thing. Love the "bling" effect!

Christy said...

Wow those do look time consuming - but very pretty! Neat where blog surfing can land you!

Anonymous said...

They are all so beauriful. To be that creative is wonderful!

Designwali said...

that is so fantastic! My sister is getting married next year and how fabulous would it be to have a bollywood broach bouquet!

Lisa said...

So beautiful! I had never heard of these before but I love it... I have some of my Grandmother's vintage brooches languishing away in a box and now I have a great idea of how to display them...
Thanks Kelly!

Sarah abeachcottage said...

wow, aren't they lovely!!! I have seen a similar thing in blogland where a girl pins them to a cushion, never seen this though divine...

nice post


"Yeah, that works..!" said...

Wow - thanks for sharing this - they are really cool! Love the all white bridal one..

Nancy@marcusdesign said...

So beautiful!! I had never heard of brooch bouquets before, thank you for sharing your little find! I have seen some very lovely bouquet designs in the last few years which incorporate bling into a regular flower bouquet, or pin brooches into the fabric wrapped around the stems, but this is taking it to a whole new level! It is quite beautiful, and what's even better is it could be very meaningful if you have special family pieces to use.

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

They are gorgeous! I have seen them around on blogs, but never in a great compilation like this. so sparkly and pretty.

I'm still happy I went for real flowers in my own wedding though.. I'd rater put a beautiful brooch bouquet in a vase at home =)

Erika Ward said...

what a way to add sparkle to a traditional bouquet. it's amazing where a creative mind can take you.

Gayle said...

I've never seen those. They are so pretty! It is so cool to see how creative people are!

Unknown said...

Creative people are design magicians and trail blazers. These bouquets can last and be passed onto further generations. What a thrill to learn about. Great post!


Sharon said...

Lovely! it's a great way of recycling old brooches. Some of the bouquets are STUNNING. thx for sharing:)

Sarah @ Dream In Domestic said...

Gorgeous - I'm definitely considering one of these for when I get married! Thanks for spreading the word!

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

What a great way to recycle cosmetic jewelery! Don't know how much I have hanging around anymore - wish I had seen this before I sent them all to Sally Ann! It's so unique - I'll have to remember these when my girls time(s) comes :)!

Great post Kelly!

Vanessa@decor happy said...

I hadn't heard of them either but they are simply beautiful. (I always thought brooch was spelled broach, so I learnt (or learned) something else too!)

Marie Brady said...

These are breathtaking! I'm going to have to look through my grandmothers vintage jewelry to see if I have anything I can use to start one of these gems!

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amariaf2000 said...

Oh, I may just have to make one of these!! My mom has lots of pins that belonged to both of my grandmothers, and I know she will never wear them! I see a bouquet on the horizon for me!!

~angela @ peonypatch

Kelly, Arte Styling said...

I absolutely LOVE these. What a clever idea!!! Wish I could get married again just to have a lovely vintage brooch boquet. And so eco-friendly, right? I love vintage jewelry to begin with (blog post on some of my estate sale finds here: ) and am always giddy when I find others who are just as obsessed!!! thanks - I'm bookmarking this one. :)

Diane Schuller said...

If I want to see something unique, I always know the right place to come!

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