April 20, 2010

Guest post at K&RD and giveaway reminder

I’m guest posting for my blog buddy Paul today over at Kitchen and Residential Design. Be sure to stop by and check it out :-) Here’s a little preview for you:

palette 3

Paul’s got great stuff on his blog, from optical illusions to amazing home decor products to answers to reader questions. He’s funny and witty and tells it like it is. And he posts something new every single day, which is pretty amazing given the fact that he’s a really busy guy!!


There are just two days left to enter our Empowering Giveaway to help the fight against cancer. You can win this beautiful original abstract painting by New Brunswick artist Matt LeBlanc:

empowering 1

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on our giveaway post. And there are lots of easy ways to get yourself more chances to win.

So far, Matt’s completed 26 paintings for his Art for Life Campaign and sold 15. Way to go, Matt!! Here are a few of his available paintings — each one is 24” x 24” and costs $150, with $125 of the purchase price being donated to cancer research.

16 of 200 23 of 200 24 of 200 26 of 200

Hope to see you over at K&RD today :-)

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Keith said...

Hi, I just read your post on Paul's blog. Remodeling a kitchen is not something you see in my neck of the woods (Ireland). At a push people will replace countertops for granite or the likes. It's something that hasn't really caught here. People just seem to replace everything at extra expense.

DesignTies said...

Thanks for checking out my kitchen post, Keith.

I visited your web site -- you've designed some really beautiful kitchens!! The walnut and high gloss kitchens are my favourites. And love the lighting in the toe kick in some of them. Great detail!!


Keith said...

Hi Kelly, thank you for the kind words. We have a design studio in Carlow, Ireland and our factory where we manufacture the kitchens is close by... I prefer being in the factory if I'm honest!!I Love being hands on.

Diane Schuller said...

I love his idea and efforts so much I'm thinking I may do something along these lines for a different aspect of cancer (support for survivors or those battling cancer). I'm going to give this thought and then hope to make an announcement.

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