April 27, 2010

Sarah buys the farm

Don’t panic all you Sarah fans — Sarah bought the farm literally, not figuratively!! On this season of Sarah’s House, Sarah and Tommy are making over a farm house.

sarah tommy

On last week’s episode, Sarah and Tommy each decorated a kid’s bedroom in the new addition. So far, these are my two favourite rooms in the house.

Here’s the boy’s room designed by Tommy (with some help from Sarah). The barn board on the ceiling is a nice touch — it adds character and texture, and brings a bit of “old” into the new addition that houses these two bedrooms.

boys room 1

Check out the hanging pocket on the side of the bed. Great idea for holding books and midnight snacks :-)

boys room 2

boys room 3

And Sarah designed the girl’s bedroom. Love this shot looking into the bedroom…

girls room entry

See the square white cushions on the bed?? They were made from old blankets that Sarah found in the house. A nice way to tie in the old house with the new house.

girls room 1

The shape of the headboard echoes the peak of the ceiling. Sarah designed it, and it’s called Robin — which just happens to be the name of Sarah’s older daughter :-)

girls room 2

girls room 3

If you want to know where Sarah and Tommy shopped for the two rooms, you can check out the shopping guide.

Have you been watching season 3 of Sarah’s House?? What’s your favourite room so far??

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Marcus Design said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing all of these great pics. I love the headboard in the girls room from last week. The shape and the fabric were stunning!! I don't know what room has been my favorite so far. Maybe the kitchen? And the 'west' guest room was quite lovely too. Can't wait till tonight when they do the family bathroom, bathroom reno's are so much fun!

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

Hey! I have definitely been watching this season. Tommy is my favourite! I think my fav room so far is the kitchen. I love all of Sarah's kitchen, but this one is extra special. I love her use of yellow and the old architectural pieces. I also loved the entryway/mudroom that she did. That old set of drawers was amazing!

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVELY designs... how FUN to redo a house!!!

Kathysue said...

She is my fav! Love her work, thanks for sharing I did not know a new series had started, I had better check and see if my DVR is recording them!! Kathysue

Marcus Design said...

Forgot to mention that I have my very first giveaway up! Check it out when you get the chance :)

Carolyn said...

Lovely photos of Sarah's new farmhouse. I love her work but we don't get HGTV anymore so I enjoyed the peek into her new project.


A Room For Everyone said...

I love watching Sarah and Tommy, very educational. I've been watching this series and so far I like the kitchen, just lovely (except for the backsplash tiles..) Rxx

Marcus Design said...

Thanks sooo much Kelly for posting my giveaway on your side bar! You are awesome :)

amariaf2000 said...

I've never heard of this show, but those sure are some pretty rooms!!! Love the Robin headboard!!

~angela @ peonypatch

Kelly, Arte Styling said...

I'm not familiar with Sarah's house... but I LOVE those colors! That headboard is beautiful. Yum.

Gayle said...

I've seen the commercials for it, but haven't seen the show. I really like the girl's bedroom.

Red River Interiors,LLC said...

Love these rooms, especially the ceiling. Great blog, you are so talented...I'll keep following... Fay

Susan said...

I've been trying to follow it... I've only seen the diningroom and the kids rooms so far. Its on at the same time as Lost :) much as I like Sarah I need to find the answers lol

However, I noticed I can see a repeat episode Sundays along with Peters new show.

I have to say that I adore that shot into the girls room. Love the fabric on the headboard and drapes. Altogether its a lovely comfortable feeling room. The kitchen seems really nice in the previews but I missed the episode? has it aired yet?

Thanks for visiting my SGG house. I cannnot wait to start decorating it. I went to Grafton today. OMG it's so awesome too! Something about taking a house from the ground up...


Karena said...

Love the Robin room the colors are just delightful, like it better than the master actually!!

Art by Karena

CarolAnne - camdesign said...

Sarah's design is always amazing...I love everything she does but...if I have to pick I would say her bathrooms,and the 4000.00 dollar tub (freaks out my hubby when he sees my smile at such a great tub and look his way) the tile work is always showstopping... where I want to get out a sketch book and make a copy of the design... (and actually have)
The powder room floor in the basement of Sarah's House 1... I had to find a picture and sketch it out

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Ohh, both rooms are gorgeous! I love the ceiling in the boys room too! I haven't watched the show because we don't have a TV (by choice mind you). I do love Sarah's design style though, she always uses the most beautiful fabrics, I love the way she combined patterns! Thanks for sharing this!!!

unique unique design said...

I think Sarah is amazing! I'm so glad that her show is on in the U.S.A.,too, and we don't have to wait. I haven't seen the one on these 2 bedrooms yet, but they look great. I thought the kitchen was wonderful. It just fits the house and location. Loved the main bath, too. Her choices are so good. Mixing vintage with the glass and marble shower is perfect.
BTW, is Design Inc. still being filmed? Love that show, too. Great post, Kelly.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

What a designing duo to admire those two. I loved the 50's home they did, & so far the farm house is just as fabulous. I'm nuts for the textiles and rick rack trim in the girls bedroom. So lovely!!

Thanks for posting Kelly, I keep forgetting to record it! Hope you are doing well? xx

John Taylor said...

What you did in the girl's bedroom is perfect! I like it so much. From the color of the wall, curtains, bed sheet and the pillow are beautiful.
John Taylor
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