July 9, 2009

A little painting project & thanks for participating :-)


A very nice lady named Grace saw some tole painting that I had done and asked if I would paint a sign for her home-based business. I told her yes — and then I wondered what I was thinking, because I hadn’t done any tole painting for years!! But I said I would do it, and I wasn’t going to let Grace down.

Grace picked up a cabinet door from from ReStore, which generates funds to support Habitat for Humanity’s building projects. The door actually makes a great sign — with the recessed panel painted gray, the door trim basically became a frame.

I’ve never painted an iris before and I’d completely forgotten pretty much all the painting techniques I’d learned. But I got down to it one rainy Saturday afternoon, and finished it the next day. It doesn’t come anywhere close to comparing with some of the artwork we’ve shown you on DesignTies (Matt LeBlanc, Ron Burns, Jill Alexander, Michelle Morelan, and our moms Cathy and Laura). But hey, I’m just an amateur!! :-) And Grace is happy with it, which is really what matters most :-)

grace sign 1

Here’s a close-up of the iris…. not perfect, but not too bad… I love painting leaves :-)

grace sign 2

I had fun designing and painting the sign for Grace. I hope my little painting project might inspire you to pull out your paints & brushes or sculpting tools or whatever else you like to use and get creative!!


Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Rewind Wednesday blog party :-) I hope you all enjoyed checking out each other’s archived post — I sure did!! :-) We’ll do it again next Wednesday, and each Wednesday all summer long. If you have archived posts that you’d like to re-visit, Rewind Wednesday is the blog party for you!! :-)



DesignTies said...

Love it, Kelly! Great job!!

mrsben said...

Verrry pretty Kelly! I am sure she will love it.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Kelly! That looks great! I think you should do something like that as a giveaway! : ) (hint, hint)

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