May 17, 2010

Be Still My Cheating Heart!!

The other day I confessed to our DesignTies readers that I’m cheating on my bedroom. I shared a photo of a bedroom that made me feel happy – it was bright, airy with simple decor and interesting architecture… just the kind of space I love! I’ve seen lots of nice bedrooms that I drool over (i.e., I cheat on my bedroom big time!)… the one I shared with readers on Friday is just one of many. Yes… I’m in a sad state! ;-)  If you’re in a bad way over a room or space other then your own too, be sure to drop by my Room Infidelity post and confess to your adulterous ways – it’s the only cure!! HaHa!

All this talk of my bedroom must have you wondering… WHY I’m coveting over rooms. WHAT on earth could be wrong with my space?

And if it’s so bad, why not do something about it?!

Well… for starters we’ve done a whole lot to it already!

Here’s how it looked a few years ago when we first moved in.


Teeny Tiny!!

Somehow though, we crammed our king sized bed – the bed that fit perfectly in the large and spacious bedroom we had in our previous condo – into this itty bitty room!

Well we obviously couldn’t live like THAT forever!

So we did something about… starting with tearing apart the whole room!


We created such a lath & plaster mess!

DSC00456See this wall? We blew it out!

And behind it… another wall… and we blew it out, too!

And behind that wall? Well… if you look through the doorDSC00465 in the photo to the right you’ll see some new wood studs… that was the new wall to our bedroom.

This is how we gained an extra 4 feet of space!!

In fact, in the photo below you can see where the 2 old walls were… they make an H on the floor



With a room that was now 4 feet wider, we put everything back together again… starting with insulation. DSC00552

Old homes like ours don’t have insulation, so this was an important part of our renovation. As you can imagine, it’s so much warmer now!!

I get such a chuckle out of this photo… crew socks with shorts and slippers! That’s his around the house look, I promise. HaHa!

The next big part of our renovation project was the replacement of the window….


I love our new window! Such a great difference… inside and out!



Next… drywall

And then paint… Benjamin Moore’s Sandy Brown on the ceiling and Stanley Park Green on the walls… a lovely mossy green that this photo just doesn’t showcase.



After we painted, we installed our wardrobe system – it spans the length of this wall, a DSC00692full 10 feet, and it stands 7 feet tall. It really is ginormous! Which is perfect because, even though the room is now larger then it was before, it’s still small. With this fantastic wardrobe system we don’t need any other furniture… it holds everything! I’ll share one day, I promise ;-)

At this point we were almost done… almost ready to move ourselves back in.

DSC00715But first we had to install carpet…. the one thing in this room we didn’t do ourselves.



Then came the chandelier…

And Brian did a beautiful job with all the trim… 6” baseboards, lovely casings around the window and crown molding to finishing everything off.


Here… take a look for yourselves.


DSC00749 DSC00745


Beautiful, hey?!

I’d forgotten how much I love our bedroom!!

This is what I’ve done with the room so far… keep in mind that I still need to find some special bedding and some art for the walls…




Not quite the light and airy rooms I’ve been ogling, but it IS nice. And I DO love it!

So why have we opted for dark, warm colours? Brian works shifts and often has to sleep his days away… he likes a cocoon kind of bedroom and, because he’s so cute AND handy with a hammer, I give him what he wants. :-)

No light and airy bedroom for me… but I think with some special touches I can make this room perfect just for us! Eventually!!!

I’m sharing our bedroom transformation with the readers of Susan’s blog, Between Naps on the Porch… she’s hosting Metamorphosis Mondays and I’m participating! Be sure to head back to BNONP to see the other lovely transformations being shared!!




Wow, what a wonderful transformation, I love the look of your new bedroom, stunning! Thank you for sharing!

Jill@ A Season of Grace said...

Ooooo! I love your bedroom redo. I am in the process of working on my bedroom. I also work nights and need to sleep during the day. I am inspired by your darker colors and can't wait to find some chocolate or wine colored draperies. You've given me just the kick I needed. Thanks.

Marcus Design said...

Love love love it Victoria! You guys did an amazing job (as usual)! I love the wardrobes, those are the same ones I've been lusting over for a while (I think they are the Pax ones?). Love that they go floor to ceiling. And what a difference new windows make! I love the ones you chose. Your room truly looks cozy and divine! Now I am having bedroom infidelity!! Ha ha :)

qerat said...

Almost cannot beleive this is the same room :)
beautiful transformation

Razmataz said...

Your room is lovely and cozy and what a difference that extra 4' made! Love the closet system.

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Victoria, how can you possibly cheat on this gorgeous bedroom???

Right now I'm cheating on my own bedroom with yours, haha!!

I love the moss gray color, and as I've stated before, your new windows looks amazing! What a difference!

Sarah @ Dream in Domestic said...

I'm now cheating on my bedroom with yours! We always want what we can't/don't have, so no wonder you want something different. I'm glad you mentioned why you went with the colors you did - a house is nothing if not practical. If it were practical to have a light and airy bedroom, you probably would have done it, but it's not, so it's something you must learn to love (which it sounds like you do). It's a gorgeous room and definitely could be made a little more airy and bright without too much work.

Thanks for sharing this great transformation!

Laura Trevey said...

Great job! I love the colors you used!!

xoxo Laura

the cape on the corner said...

so no, it's not light and airy, but its classy and warm. i desperately want to redo my bedroom, but i have a maroon chaise, and pictures with maroon. i am going to try to lighten it up somehow, so i can't wait to see what sort of comforter you choose. and your closet, of course, i can't even go there.

Suzie Button said...

Wow! That about sums up your new bedroom! I agree, I LOVE your windows! I always admire the brave people who blow out walls! I fear I'm a bit timid in my world, but I'm admiring yours for sure! Suzie

Kathysue said...

Victoria, that wardrobe is amazing what a transformation We designer types are always thinking of changes and our next project, it is part of the disease. Happy Monday,kathysue

Decor To Adore said...

What a fantastic project! A truly neat metamorphosis.

It took 23 years to complete my most recent project. Come take a peek.

Alyssa said...

This is a beautiful room.
I love the color scheme!

Great job...


Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

What a great job! Love all the storage space.

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

What a nice cosy bedroom!! I love that the wall colour is "Stanley Park Green"!!! You've done a great job!

My hubby used to work shifts as well - so I know of where you speak. We used to have 2 blinds on the windows - one horizontal for me and a second roller shade for him!

And I'm not even going to share the "around the house" outfits that are seen in our house - YIKES! They make crew socks, slippers and shorts look very GQ :)!

Susie Goldstein Interiors said...

I love your bedroom and its transformation! I moved into a home seven years ago that needed major help. I love what we have done and where we are going with this home. Probably like most of you, I subscribe to a lot of design blogs and that is where my room envy comes into play. So many beautiful rooms to look at and so many beyond what my budget allows anyway, thus major room envy. I hope my home doesn't feel like a jilted lover.

Vanessa@decor happy said...

Great job Victoria - so warm and cozy. Love the wardrobe too!

Unknown said...


It really is wonderful, now do a guest bedroom light and airy and enjoy the best of both worlds. During the year sleep in both rooms for a balance in tastes.


Lisa said...

Beautiful room Victoria! You guys have done a fantastic job! I don't think you need to cheat on it at all - you just need to buy a second home so you can have the light airy bedroom over there... ;)

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

I like those craftsman style windows! Such character.
And yes, WAY envious of your closets!

Marie Brady said...

I love Ben Moores' Stanley Park. It's popular with my clients as well! So jealous of the makeover as I too have what I like to call my Manhattan sized bedroom with a king bed stuffed into it. Well done!

kay ellen said...

Very Pretty!

Kay Ellen

Gayle said...

That is a huge transformation! Beautiful!

Danica said...

I completely support a cocoon kind of bedroom. It's supposed to be a sanctuary, and while that's different for everyone, I would also go for a darker bedroom. I've slept in white rooms, and it may have simply been the shade of white, but it felt a bit "institutional" to me! Right now I'm happy with my grey bedroom.

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