May 8, 2010

Cookin’ up some cool designs

AGA Rangemaster is celebrating it’s 300th anniversary with four limited edition designer ranges. They’re not cheap—around £10,000 each—and they won’t work in just any kitchen. But they’re pretty cool :-)

Cupcake Rangemaster 

If this stove was in my kitchen, I’d be baking cupcakes every single day!!

aga cupcakes rangemaster

Polka Dot AGA

I could see this one in a retro 1950s-style kitchen.

aga polka dot 

Tartan Falcon

This one is my favourite. It could look cool in a sleek kitchen with glossy black cabinets.

aga tartan falcon

Patchwork Rayburn

I would have done different patchwork design on each door too — go big or go home!!

 aga rayburn

Which one is your favourite?? Are they too over-the-top for you, or would you put one in your kitchen??

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Katie Lane said...

Those are pretty cool!! The cupcake one could be dangerous though ;)

Kathysue said...

If I was ever able to spend that amount of money on a stove it would be an Aga but probably in white or cream, I know borinnnng!! Fun post, Kathysue

Danica said...

As tempting as the cupcake one is, I find myself drawn to the patchwork one. Now, I just have to scrounge up ten grand. Hmmm.

A Room For Everyone said...

I like the cupcake one and the last one, not sure I'd be brave enough to have it in my kitchen! Rxx

Unknown said...

How fun are those????? I'm loving the polka dots. Thanks for sharing!

Razmataz said...

I love Aga, my granny had one, but if I was spending 10K, I would have to stick with plain. Although the spotty one matches my Emma Bridgewater coffee cups!

Diane Schuller said...

Kelly, I love those unique stoves. I'm particularly keen on anything with polka dots or stripes so guess which one I tend to favour?

For me, none are over the top but I'd likely go first for the polka dots or the patchwork. I'm not a boring beige kind of gal :)


qerat said...

I dont know if I would use those in any kitchen i design but i see that they are beautiful and whimsical

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

Oh my goodness! The polka dot one is right up my alley!

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