January 8, 2010

Patti’s Bathroom: Getting Close to Finished!

It’s been a long and challenging process, and I’ve kept you in the dark on our progress over the last few weeks, but we’re so very close to DONE in Patti’s bathroom!

Of course having said that, this post will only show you in-progress photos… be patient because the big reveal will come soon!

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about (no worries!), check out some previous posts – in this order:

As my last Bathroom post title suggests, the process of renovating Patti’s space has been frustrating to say the least. BUT… I’m not going to bore you with details except to say that we had to fire our contractor. See the state of the bathroom in the photo below? Well… minus the tile on the floor… this is how far the bathroom had progressed when I had to personally take over the renovation. This is how we spent much of our Christmas break!


And when I say personally, I mean MEI tiled the floor and tub surround in this bathroom. And this weekend I’ll be finishing the tiling job by adhering more of these fantastic mosaics (below) on the wall above the vanity. I had FANTASTIC help on other elements of the project and I’ll mention these individuals below.


Here’s a photo showing a bit of the tub surround. Since this photo was taken, my husband Brian has installed all the “jewellery” fixtures, including a rain shower. See how pretty the directional levers are? Imagine all the matching fixtures covering pipes you see sticking out from the wall!! Decadent Bling!!





Do you remember my drawing illustrating the vanity and linen tower I designed for the bathroom?




Here’s the almost-final result!


Tomorrow I’m picking up some stainless-steel strips that will be adhered to the base, crown and across the top of the vanity… in fact, all the places where you see the lighter, unstained wood will be covered with shiny stainless-steel!



Also arriving tomorrow… the quartz counter! At my recommendation, Patti has agreed to a wonderful white quartz with an under-mount sink. And, of course, this fantastic faucet!!

That mosaic tile backsplash I mentioned above? It will go across the length of the vanity and then from counter top to ceiling!!

Can you imagine?!



And sitting in front of the glistening mosaic tiles are these fantabulous sparkly crystal and glass pendant fixtures!!


Brad the Painter Guy

So where are we now on the project?

Well… my brother Brad, a fantastic finisher of walls (drywall, repair & paint) just perfected the walls today, painting them in a lovely warm white. And like I just mentioned, the counter is being installed tomorrow. Also tomorrow our uber-great plumber Shawn will be by to mount the sink & install the faucet. Then this weekend I’ll tile and grout the backsplash above the vanity and Brian will adhere the stainless steel strips to the vanity, attach the switch plates and hang the towel rods & paper holder.

Then we’ll be about 90% finished!!

The only things remaining…

  • Finding, purchasing and hanging a mirror.
  • Replacing the bathroom door (on order) and installing baseboards.
  • Ordering and installing a glass shelf in the shower.
  • Arranging for the fabrication and installation of a glass door for the tub/shower.


There’s your update!! Be sure to come back for some reveal photos!!



Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

This looks great, Victoria! I love the glass tiles you used among the white ~ a great way to add some interest and cut the expense a bit on such fantastic looking tiles {I'd love to do that in my own home at some point}. The countertop will look fantastic with that cabinetry. It's probably a good thing you cut that contractor loose early enough on that he didn't hold up your project. Unfortunately, it does occasionally happen.

mrsben said...

Just beautiful Victoria! "Move over Sarah Richardson here comes Victoria".

Re the fabrication of the glass enclosure, can you recommend any good Firms that may have an affiliate in Ottawa? In my proposed Renos I have a Tub and a separate 'custom designed' Shower enclosure to do. (Thank you!)

I am anxious to see its final completion. Just gorgeous!!!!!


Janis@White Alder[Home] said...

You did a wonderful job on the tile, what a way to spend your break ;-) I 'm LOVING the fixtures and lights.....actually I'm loving the entire bathroom. I think maybe you and Kelly need to head over to my place and work your magic. Looking forward to your final reveal.

PS: Kelly I agree I should boot this computer of mine to the curb... won't be hard to convince the hubs we need to upgrade..any excuse to go gadget shopping is good for him.

Have a super day.

Paul Anater said...

It's really beautiful Victoria, good job! Who made the faucet and shower fixtures you're using?

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Great job. Loving the light fixtures.

DesignTies said...

Thank you everyone! The process has definitely been "interesting" and poor Patti has definitely had a ride... perhaps not one she wants to remember! I'm just glad we're getting to the end of that ride!!

Mrs. Ben... I'm not sure you'll be back this way to see if I've responded to your question... I'm not in Ottawa; Kelly is. That means that I'm not familiar with fabricators in the area. Perhaps Kelly can get back to you with some information.


Danica said...

Kudos to you Victoria, for all the work you're doing. You're going the extra mile and it will definitely pay off. At least your have of small team of people experienced in different things. I'm learning some things from my dad, but mostly working on my bedroom project alone. No worries though, I keep thinking of all that satisfaction I'll get from it! Cheers!

Kat said...

Victoria, this is coming along beautifully. I love the mosaic tile that you chose, it's gorgeous. And I really like the idea of the stainless strips against that dark wood. What a way to spend your break, but I'm sure that Patti is thrilled to get the project moving along. I really can't wait to see the reveal. This looks like it's going to be a fantastic space (love the lighting!) Kathy (btw, I do remember you mentioning making the drapes, but I don't remember actually seeing the fabric...but that could be the "mental pause" as my grandmother called it!)

marie @ M2JL STUDIO said...

Great job. I'm looking forward to see the final results.

Maria Killam said...

The mosaic tile is fabulous! I can't believe you installed all of it--great job!

Brillante Interiors said...

It will be fantastic, I can already visualize it and definetely worth the pain.

Karena said...

Wow, I can't wait to see the finished room! Very exciting to see it all pull together. Karena

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Victoria - you are one heck of a lady/designer. So impressed with how you didn't crumble and just rolled up your sleeves and did what you had to do. The bathroom already looks stunning and the finished project will be a real gem. Quartz for the countertop will be stunning. I adore the fixtures, the tiles, the lighting; stupid me - I love everything. Bravo and looking forward to the final photos. All my best x deb said...

what a lot of work but the progress is looking amazing

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

Just beautiful Victoria! I love the glass tile - such a striking addition to the tub enclosure! I can't wait to see the entire finished product.

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