January 27, 2010

More IDS 2010 eye candy

I still need to organize and resize my pics from IDS 2010, and I have a huge pile of brochures and business cards and other literature to sort through. But that won’t stop me from showing you some more IDS 2010 eye candy!! I can’t remember all the booths in the pics, but if you see something you want to know more about and the info isn’t there, let me know and I’ll try to find the source for you.

Let’s get started with a kitchen with a purple back-painted backsplash — have I mentioned I love purple?? ;-)

andros kitchen 7 bath

And there was a green kitchen…

green kitchen

I’m not sure what this kitchen by Croma is supposed to represent, but it’s kinda cool:

croma kitchen

I SO want the mirror in this bathroom display!!

watermarks bath

Check out this funky “broken” table:

broken table 1 broken table 2

And a funky chair from Ziggy’s At Home:

chair ziggys at home

Some fun & colourful lamps…

colourful lamps

And some cool feather lamps from Snob

feather lamp snob

feather lamp snob 2

Love, love, LOVE this bubble glass chandelier…

bubble chandelier

And AM Studio had the most beautiful glass chandeliers in their booth…

chandelier am studio 1 chandelier am studio 2 chandelier am studio 3

Looking for a glow-in-the-dark countertop?? Done :-)

glowing countertop

More amazing tiles from Saltillo

circle tiles saltillo circle tiles white saltillo

I’m planning to dedicate a post to this product from Surface Innovation Inc. It’s slate veneer — a 2mm thick slice of slate is adhered to a fibreglass backing. You can bend it and curve it, and it can be applied to almost any surface.

slate veneer

If you want to see more eye candy from IDS 2010, check out these posts from Donna at dh designs and BubBleS at Our Journey. And there’s a photo stream on Flickr of the booth award winners.

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Sharon said...

Love the wall finish over at Watermarks. It's giving me ideas on how to play with wallpaper patterns...
Hope more pics are on their way;)

mrsben said...

Oh I am enjoying this tour! Thanks Kelly!

Re the slate veneer. Very interesting and very promising. Any idea if it could be used to reface a fireplace? -Brenda-

BubBLeS said...

Although we went to the same show, its like we saw completely different things! I didn't notice the slate veneer booth at all.. and it looks so cool! Thanks for the mention btw!

Oh, and we bought a shorter version of the bubble chandelier a while back! Living Lighting carries them. :) Now if only we can finish our foyer up so we can install it...

Gayle said...

The Croma kitchen reminds me of the backdrop for an old cartoon, or an old book. Don't think I'd want that in my house!

puna said...

Wow Kelly, only a great designer like you can make some of these pieces look good in a home. My space would like a freak of nature! I do love that kitchen with the drawn in china and faucet. It's very cool.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Wow. It all looks so modern and chic! Love that pinecone! Seems like you had a blast!!

Alycia Wicker said...

I love the kitchen by Chroma. It reminds me of being a kid and having a play kitchen.

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

Those are all great pics Kelly - I'm reliving our trip looking through them :o)!

Thanks for the mention - I'm still going through all of my pics too - there are a lot less than I thought - next year I'm taking ALOT more pics!

And we're definitely on for 2011!

Primed4Design Team said...

Wow love everything- I want to live in the "sketch" kitchen! haha

That veneer product looks way cool to put on just about anything! :) Jen

Kat said...

What great finds! I love that green kitchen. And the broken table is too much fun. But I'm really looking forward to your post on the slate veneer - very interesting! I'm thinking of at least two uses for it now, and I'll be interested to see if it would work for those applications. Kathy

Susan said...

Oh so much to see. You are one lucky gal, the inspiration must have been awesome!!! I'm off again this weekend to TO which is why I couldn't attend last weekend.

Wouldn't it be cool to meet up there? On the other hand I do know a totally awesome soon to be open B&B in downtown Charlottetown who are looking for guests... and might make a deal for a fellow designer/blogger to review their new digs.

Okay I have to say 2 more things. Loving the circular mirror too! I might even get one for the store's spring/summer line up. It is terribly expensive though... someone might want it however. Note 2- the glass bubble ceiling light, using it in Kates house... stay tuned.

Maria Killam said...

Those lights are amazing! I am missing out here in Vancouver!

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