July 16, 2009

Hooked on Black & White!

A short while ago I was approached by my phenomenal realtor, Patti Goss, to pull some ideas together for the reface of her fireplace and the revitalization of her kitchen… and, because her space is open concept, some more ideas on how to pull everything together around her ONE requirement = black & white. Or is that TWO paint it white 7requirements??!!

Black and white spaces really are fantastic, and when Patti told me that she wanted her condo in that scheme (she has a white sofa that she loves) I enthusiastically started researching some spaces/concepts that we may be able to adopt and adapt for her space.

I’ve got quite a e-folder full of black & white spaces, let me tell you!

So many that I thought they’d make a perfect “Hooked of Fridays” post!! Thanks to Julia from Hooked on Houses for hosting this popular and fun weekly blog party… be sure to check out the posts featured by other participants listed over at Julia’s place!

I know that Patti has me brainstorming around her main living space but I’ve also found some bedroom inspiration photos too… thinking she may want to extend the concept throughout her entire condo. I’m sure there’s SOMETHING in what I’ve found that she’ll like… what about you?!

Atlanta Homes Mag

I LOVE this rug… among other things!


I’d definitely like to see Patti opt for a black wood floor like this one. Absolutely stunning!!

H&G 2H&G 3

The light floors in this space, though, really help to make this space airy. I can see Patti here!

BH&G 4 Perhaps a little too traditional for Patti, but lovely none the less!

blanco-y-negro_Decorators Home 2 The cow-hide sofa may be too wild for Patti… besides, she has a white one she loves!

These next four pics are from a place photographed by Tom Atwood. I thought I read that the rooms were from his own home, but unfortunately I’m not 100% sure. What I do know is that they are fabulous spaces!!

Tom Atwood 2

Tom Atwood 3

Tom Atwood 4

Tom Atwood 1 I wonder if these are the kinds of rooms that would inspire Patti? I know I love them!!

I wonder if Patti would want to incorporate variations on black & white… shades of greys?

email04746.JPG email37782.JPG

How about a Sarah Richardson room in Black & White?!

Sarah Richardson 3

Decorpad 8

I can never get enough of Sarah Richardson’s designs! Let’s not forget that, in this particular space… and the whole house for that matter… Tommy Smythe was Sarah’s right-hand design guy. Very talented in his own right!!

I love black & white when it’s coupled with a touch of colour, in this case Sarah & Tommy have used a lovely, mossy green. FAB!

And I still have more black & white rooms to show you!!

Allen Schwartz 3, Desire to Inspire


Bianca Chair

Black & white “stuff” that I found and loved!

Domino Vittadini_LR_003 Decorpad 9

Sarah Richardson 2

Patti said she wanted a black kitchen… how about this?!

John Jacob Interiors

Maybe a bit too modern… but perfect for someone who loves minimalism!

Bo Concept

Laura Ashley

My Home Ideas

And lastly (finally, you’re thinking!!)… just for the fun of it:

Fox Hotel, Copenhagen

So what do you think… can Patti find some inspiration from my collection of black & white rooms?! I hope so!!

Patti and I still have to sit down and make our plans, but as soon as we do – as soon as I have the go ahead on her fireplace (a topic for another post!) – I’ll write all about it!!

Thanks for dropping in to DesignTies!

Victoria from Edin Interiors

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Stephanie said...

Love all of the black and white! This week I am hooked on Red! Colors are a wonderful thing, aren't they?

Nancy said...

How many of us could live with black and white room? So dramatic! I prefer things that blend instead of stark contrasts.

Maya said...

Love the first carpet too. Some of the rooms are stunning, although I don't think I'd want to live in black and white..., I guess I need many shades in between and some colors too.

Kat said...

I really love these rooms, they all make such a statement. I know most people immediately think "modern" when they think of black and white, but these pictures show that you can have a lovely traditional room also. Great pix, I'm sure Patti will love whatever you come up with. Kathy

Christy said...

Love all these photos - and I'm sure you'll be able to pull of a fabulous room for her in black and white. I'd need pops of color too - like bright fuchsia, or turquoise!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Striking pictures Victoria. I find I like the subtle touches - the black lampshade, the white roman shade with black trim, that one fabulous looking black and white chair (with the frames and ceramic piece pics). The little things I guess.

Maria Killam said...

Fabulous post! I'm adding this to my list of favourites!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I love black and white rooms, and these are some fabulous examples! Thanks!

Samantha said...

Nice roundup. I like the grey mixed in with black and white - softens the overall look.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I was in a black & white induced euphoria! You & Patti will come up with some fabulous no doubt. I had a major crush on the cow-hide sofa. I know..many people would hate that but I've had a thing for cows since I was a child. Country girl I guess! Thanks for all your inspiration Victoria.

Tricia said...

Wow- lots of great pics. I love black and white for my home and my clothing, clean and classic!

Pauline Wiles said...

I was surprised to find myself liking the black kitchen - that works really well.
Also, the Better Homes & Gardens living room really appeals to me, but I'm not sure how long I'd last before a craving for color would return!

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

Beautiful, black and white is just classic!

qerat said...

What a round up :)
beautiful images

Terry said...

High drama. Great photos. I love the black kitchen. But even the pictures are migraine triggers for me. There are some rooms I just can't take in person.

mrsben said...

These are stunning spaces!! Black 'n white just never seems to go out of style. I am sure with these samples, Patti will be more than inspired. -Brenda-

Michelle said...

When I no longer have children living at home I will have a black and white sitting room. I got the first one out of the house and got my craft room, the next one I will have a black and white sitting room and the last one out I'm hoping by then I'll need a nursery for grandchildren.

Michelle said...

These are great inspiration shots! I think the key to white is texture (actual or percieved) and contrast. I'm loving the dark wood floors against white furnishings and walls!


ImagineCozy said...

I love your new header and blog look, it looks great!

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