July 10, 2009

Hooked on Basement Family Rooms… and Candice!

As many of our DesignTies readers know, my husband and I have been putting a great deal of energy into the hardscaping work in our front yard (the tree stump came out today – come back to DesignTies this weekend and I’ll share!!). But you know… even though we won’t be starting until later in August… I can’t stop thinking about one of our projects-in-waiting, the renovation of our basement family room. One reason it’s in my head ~ well, I LOVE planning and designing home remodelling projects! Another reason ~ the new replacement windows for this room arrived yesterday and Brian will likely install them (along with my new kitchen window!!!) next week!!

And then wouldn’t you know it… today I opened my email to find my regular HGTV e-newsletter featuring basement family room makeovers by Candice Olson.

How perfect!

Inspiration - just when I need it - from a designer that I’M HOOKED ON!!

More perfection… I get to share some of Candice’s work with our DesignTies readers AND participate in Julia’s Hooked on Friday’s blog party!! Be sure to make your way over to Julia’s blog – Hooked on Houses – to see what over bloggers are hooked on this Friday!


I think this family room is lovely… and a true representation of Candice’s classic, sophisticated style!

Did you know that Candice was Canadian? How fantastic is that?! Here’s an interesting fact: while working on her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Calgary (in the province of Alberta) Candice travelled the globe as a member of the Canadian National Volleyball Team!

 Wouldn’t you love to kick back and watch a movie in this slick and lux family room?!

Soon after graduating from UofC Candice made her way to Toronto, Ontario, where she attended the renowned Ryerson University’s School of Interior Design… and as you can well imagine, she was considered a remarkable talent upon graduation and was sought after by top Canadian interior design firms.

French Provence with a contemporary twist… love it!

I read that in 1994 Candice established her own residential and commercial design practice, Candice Olson Design (couldn’t find a website so not sure if she still has a firm). And, of course… we all know her from her fantastic program Devine Design (broadcast in Canada on W Network and in the US on HGTV). Really cool ~ this season she’ll be one of 3 judges on HGTV’s (in the US) Design Star. I can’t wait until this program is broadcast in Canada!!

 Fresh, bright beach-inspired basement family room complete with a wet-bar… yep, I can hang here!

Candice has been able to capitalize on her significant design talent and her “Candice Olson” brand success by launching some of her own product collections… an upholstered furniture line for Norwalk Furniture Idea; a line of fabric from Kravet (I’ve always LOVED and ADMIRED Candice’s taste in fabrics and her ability to pair/group patterns/textures); a lighting collection with AF Lighting; area rugs ~ Candice Olson Rugs; a wallpaper line for York Wallcoverings (I almost purchased a beautiful leafy paper for my bedroom wall but silly me… I allowed Brian to talk me out of it… darn!); and, most recently, a case good, occasional and table line (made from wood and mixed materials) with Revco International. Talk about a busy and successful woman!

 What a stunning fireplace! Whether it’s your taste or not, it definitely captures attention!!

Here’s a design tip from Candice Olson: Before you hire a designer, find out what you like. It’s not uncommon for people to be unable to articulate what their style is. Create a scrapbook or binder full of magazine clippings, fabrics and photos of designs that catch your eye. A homeowner who has done their homework really helps a designer.

 This basement hangout was designed for family that loves their sports!

When I was searching out some information on Candice Olson I came across a great blog post about her fantastic design – check it out yourself on My Notting Hill

 Of all the basement spaces I’m sharing this could be my favourite… it’s the fabulous orange walls!

Tell me… are you HOOKED on Candice Olson, too?!

I definitely have lots of inspiration for my family room!! Of course, don’t expect anything as fantastic as a Candice Olson room!! ;-)

I have made one design decision though…1_IMG_6326_resize

While I’m totally excited about transforming our front yard this summer, I’m itching to get started in the basement… and I’m not very good at the waiting game!! So today I purchased what will be a key design element in the family room… the “Besta” bookcase system from Ikea (different configuration from the setup on the right… and maybe the same doors [haven’t purchased doors yet… what do you think of this style?]). I know… it’s crazy to be buying large items for a room that hasn’t even been created yet (we have to demo and rebuild for gosh sakes!). Problem: we’re living in reno chaos upstairs, with stuff that belongs in our basement rooms strewn around our main floor. So… I’ll put a component of the Besta system together in the dining room and stack the shelves with stuff!! I’m determined to create a little organization in this place, even if it’s not pretty… yet!! HaHa!!

Okay… time to send you back to Julia’s blog party headquarters: Hooked on Houses. Thanks for the Hooked on Friday gathering Julia!!

Victoria from Edin Interiors


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I am totally hooked on Cadice Olsen! I think the first one is probably my favorite (or at least what I would like in my own home). I love how she really tailors the design to the family, not like she sticks to one specific style because that is her "signature".

I can't wait to see her as a Judge - July 19th! My calendar is marked! said...

I love candace! i tivo her so i can have marathon candace sundays!
remember when she made the waterfall panels out of glass? Love!!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I'm a big fan of hers, too, and I can't wait to see her on Design Star. Her basements are beyond gorgeous, and I have often fantasized about having her transform mine. How fabulous would that be? Good luck with yours!

Maya said...

On a completely different note... I'm hooked on Candice's haircut..., well the short and spicy one she had once, it's saved on my desktop and my husband cut it for me! And (to my surprise) it turned out quite well..., needs re-cutting though (already after 6 weeks).

Primed4Design Team said...

She is one of my fav designers on tv - she really gets classic elegance with a modern twist. The photos you showed above are wonderful, I especially love the beach inspired basement. She ALWAYS does a fab job, and her kitchen reno's are always SO amazing. :)

DesignTies said...

Thanks for the comments everyone :-)
I love Candice's kitchens, too... but focused on basement family rooms for this post. I should do a Candice kitchen & bathroom post some day!

qerat said...
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qerat said...

Beautiful basements that do not look like basements :)

Katie Lane said...

I love Candice! She is amazing :)

Kat said...

I have always loved Candice - definitely hooked on her designs. That beach inspired basement is my idea of heaven! Unfortunately, we don't have basements here lol! I'm excited that she's going to be a judge on Design Star. And I really love that Besta wall system - we looked at it the last time we were at Ikea and it really is a great design. Can't wait to see what you do with YOUR basement. Kathy

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hi Victoria ~ Candace is like the "Queen" of basement makeovers. She has that magic touch & I am a huge fan. I adore her syle-sensibilities & better yet, her humor. The top one has to be the last with it's orange walls. Wow!
Happy weekend to you & Kelly

Maria Killam said...

I love Candice too! She is fabulous! Hey thanks for the referral by the way (she hasn't booked me yet) I appreciate that you gave me name out!!

Nancy said...

Victoria, my handmade soap and dish has arrived. Thank you so much. The soap smells divine! I am going to enjoy it.

Ikea has nice looking bookcases at good prices. Just remember that most of them are pressed board with a covering. I have 3 bookcases (in our office) that look like Ikea's basic one that is actually from WalMart. If you don't overload the shelves, they hold up just fine. I love Ikea's red bookcase with the glass doors.

In my Cooperstown, NY house I had a carpenter build in gorgeous bookcases and he put a supporting strip under the bottom edge of the shelf. I could really load those suckers!!!

mrsben said...

Victoria, it was only til recently that I realized that Candice was a Canadian. (Shame on me...smiles.) I think what I admire most about her work is that she works magic using lighting. I don't think I've ever seen her do anything I didn't care for regardless if it my taste or not.

Re your yard work, keep plugging along as it will be so rewarding. (If your weather is anything like ours, basements are a 'winter' project.) Don't work tooooooooo hard. -Brenda-

Brillante Interiors said... did it again! You won my giveaway Alessi Bowl! Sorry Victoria, next time! It was at random and we can't contrast destiny.

StylishHeather said...

Love her! I have yet to see a room of hers I haven't liked.

Caroline said...

I think my favorite is the movie themed basement. We have a basement that needs a major overhaul and I think we'll go toward the movie theater theme.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can find out what colours she used on the basement with the orange walls?

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