January 7, 2010

Victoria, Goals & Loads of Excuses

new-years-resolution-ideas This time of year almost everywhere I go I’m hearing about New Year’s resolutions and Goal Lists and – I have to admit – it’s very motivational and contagious. A perfect example of an inspirational Goal List was recently shared by Maria from Colour Me Happy… it’s particularly inspiring because, in that very post, she recounts some of last year’s now achieved goals! How nice is that?! How motivational??! Way to go Maria!!

Hey!! I want some goals too!

Or do I…??

Here… take a look at this room and tell me what’s missing:



If you thought nice furniture, art on the walls, a rug on the floor… any kind of attractive decor(!)… well… you’d be right, but also wrong.


What you’d definitely find missing, however, is drapery for our wonderful window.







See this fabric and these supplies?

I purchased them OVER A YEAR AGO with the intention of sewing drapes last Christmas break!!

That didn’t happen!

So… I made a 2009 New Year’s resolution to get the work done.

Here it is ONE YEAR LATER and the drapes still haven’t been made!!

Sure it can be argued that I’ve been busy… I work full time, I have a family, I’m working with my husband on various big projects around the house, I’ve been taking courses in Interior Design, I’ve worked with a couple of clients on their renovations, I host this blog with Kelly… when do I have time to sew some drapes??

Let’s be clear. I do an awful lot of sitting around, too!! I could have made time to make these flippin’ drapes!! Geesh!

So last weekend I decided it was time to get busy! Then I went and got a pedicure.

Yep. That’s what I did. Hmmmm.

And you know… karma being the joker that she is… after sitting with my toes under a special drying light for about 20 minutes I stuffed my feet into my socks & runners, made my way home and – excited to share my lovely soft, red-toed feet with Brian – immediately took my shoes off to find… my polish job was all squished.

Yep. My big toes’ nails are UGLY. Karma I tell you.

I got the hint… and got to work!

I started by laying the fabric down on the floor; the only surface large enough for such long panels.


And then… while holding my breath (stressful!!)… I started cutting the panels to length.


With panels cut AND the lining cut, I pinned everything together. I was ready to start sewing!

So you know what I did? I found something to watch on TV.

Yep. I quit for the day!

And the fabric is sitting in a heap on the dining room table… waiting for me to get my A$$ in gear!! I’m BAD!

Recently I stopped by Janis’ blog White Alder [Home] and found that she too had a list of resolutions… Janis, being the good blog-friend that she is, has promised to cheer me on to high achievements.

Janis!! It’s time to lead that cheer!

If all goes well, I’ll have some drapes to share with our readers in the next few weeks.

I promise!! ;-)



Kat said...

Victoria, I don't think you've show us the fabric before, I LOVE it. Now I really can't wait to see them, so stop reading this and get back to work lol. Kathy

Susan said...

As I'm reading your blog I am chuckling to myself and thinking...this is so like me. Let me share a solution that I find really works and always makes me feel better. Find someone else to do it for you :) Works everytime.

A note on your fresh fabric choice. Coincidentally I used the same pattern, different colour for drapery in a clients cottage home a couple of years ago. They looked fab once sewn and hung.

Best of luck!

BubBLeS said...

Nice pattern! Really suits the color scheme around the place. And yes.. how people manage to stick to their resolutions for an entire year is beyond me... Kudos to them, but the tv gets me every time!

amariaf2000 said...

I can't wait to see them hanging!! I only have two windows in my whole house of 25 windows that have "curtains" - store boughts at that. One day....

~angela @ peonypatch

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

OMG Victoria - I could have written that post (love that fabric BTW)!

There are a couple of blogs I've read that have a project list as one of their sidebar goodies (can't remember which ones at the moment - but memory loss is a totally different problem of mine :)). I have always found in the past if I publicize my goals there's more impetus to actually meet them and that's when I stopped publicizing my goals hahaha!!! Just like you said - I want goals too - or do I????

Can't wait to see the drapes hanging - whenever that happens - no pressure :)

Maria Killam said...

Thanks for the mention sweet Victoria!! And I love that fabric. I can introduce you to my workroom if you want to get them made faster :) You can drop them off on your way into work!

mrsben said...

He,he, just jarred my memory as I have a pile of fabric (somewhere) waiting to be sewn into a Slumber Bag for my little Grandson.

Love your drapery fabric!

From the 'voice of experience' and 'personal bloopers' don't forget to ensure the panels are squared, or they won't hang properly and always always prior to 'completion' of the lower hem; let them hang for a few days before final stitching.

With all that said ..... like Donna "no pressure" on my part intended. HAPPY SEWING Victoria. SMILES -Brenda-

Erin said...

maybe you already mentioned it but I didn't see it... what is the name/designer of this fabric? I LOVE the fabric!

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