January 22, 2010

Meeting Kelly’s challenge - or trying to!!

Well she’s gone and done it… before leaving for the Interior Design Show in Toronto Kelly threw down the gauntlet by writing “…I’m leaving DesignTies in the capable hands of Victoria… write something, V!!”


WHAT?! Yikes!!

I’ve been such a BAD blogger, sitting back and letting Kelly do all the work. Bad, bad, bad!!

The thing is, included in Kelly’s arsenal of talents is a mega-dose of energy. She goes and goes and goes… kinda like the Eveready Bunny. HaHa! What an image!! ;-)

Me?? It’s all I can do to get through my day.

Are you feeling sorry for me yet?! ;-)

So how about a Patti’s Bathroom Remodel update?

Here’s a photo showing all the beautiful BLING… everything perfectly installed!!


And the room’s pièce de résistance…DSC02636

The bathroom isn’t quite finished yet. Obviously we still need to find the perfect mirror, and Brian and I still need to install baseboards and the new bathroom door (this weekend). We had a set back… I injured my right shoulder and haven’t been able to do any physical work for the last week. But I’m feeling better now!

My hope is to present DesignTies readers with the final reveal of Patti’s bathroom very soon!! Of course all these little progress posts I’ve shared have pretty much revealed everything already!!! HaHa!

Now… to find the energy to contribute more posts to our blog!!!



P.S. Just came across news that Sarah Richardson and her uber-talented and funny colleague Tommy Smythe were at the Interior Design Show’s opening gala last night… and so was Kelly!! I can only imagine how excited she would have been to see and possibly meet(!) Sarah last night!!! WooHoo Kelly!!

Photo – taken by HGTV Canada at last night’s gala!!


animal print gal said...

I think you do a great job blogging, may be it is taking you out of your comfort zone.
It is all good, and the bath project really in a very good shape. The monkey picture though, looks familiar...
Oh, reminds me my self when drowning between a full time job and maintenance of two blogs and family...

Christy said...

That bathroom is looking FABULOUS! Love it! I'm sure the end reveal will be equally as exciting! And how exciting for Kelly to be in the same room as Sarah! I can't wait to hear about it when she returns!

Anonymous said...

The mirror in the bathroom is awesome!

Kat said...

The bathroom is looking great! Love the tile, and the fixtures are gorgeous. Can't wait to see the reveal, I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Hope your shoulder is better! Kathy

gayle said...

Wow! That's really great!

I hope your shoulder is totally better quickly!

Danica said...

Wow and WOW to the bathroom pics! They truly look amazing, Victoria. I do hope your shoulder gets better soon.

I'll likely be in the same room as Sarah Richardson next week, as she's coming to the Reno Show here on the 5th and 6th! The 'rents and I are attending on the 5th.

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