September 15, 2010

Chintz happens

I can’t remember where I read the phrase “Chintz happens” , but I decided it just had to be a blog post title!!

Chintz is defined as “calico cloth printed with flowers and other devices in different colours” and “a printed and glazed cotton fabric, usually of bright colors”. Most of us associate chintz with traditional interiors filled with flowery fabrics and wallpaper — sometimes MATCHING fabric and wallpaper (brace yourself!!).

all chintz vintage123

Ouch!! Looks like Laura Ashley exploded. But today’s take on chintz isn’t quite as… well, blinding!! In fact, chintz can be quite fresh and funky when it’s done right. Like on these pretty chairs:

chair-covered-in-english-chintz fabricadabra


opt-chair-covered-in-chintz nibs blog

And this sofa — love the red piping :-)

le lac braff peak of chic

The green & white chintz bedding and white gauzy canopy give this bed a tropical look…


Although the chintz-covered chairs are traditional, they’re given a modern edge paired with the simple desk.

opt-desk-chairs-in-chintz-f nibs blog

Again, a traditional chair covered in chintz has a more modern feel in this bold red room. Did you notice that chintz & cheetah cushions are happily co-existing on the sectional??

le lac romano peak of chic

An all-white bedroom gets pop of colour from a vase of red tulips and a chintz throw hung over the footboard.

opt-touch-of-chintz-fabric nibs blog

The huge table lamp and simple white bedding give a modern edge to this bedroom with matching chintz curtains and chairs. The room has a sort of worldly vibe to it.

bedroom style court

A fresh and pretty table setting with chintz china.

Summer-Chintz dishes crystal classics

And some pretty chintz fabrics from Terry’s Fabrics in the UK.

(Clockwise from top left Peony Rose, Shadow Leaf, Waterlily, Summer Garden)Peony-Rose-Curtain-Fabric-Chintz terrys fabrics Shadow-Leaf-Curtain-Fabric-Chintz terrys fabrics Summer-Garden-Curtain-Fabric-Chintz terrys fabrics Waterlilly-Curtain-Fabric-Chintz

So what do you think — is it a good thing or a bad thing when chintz happens??

sig purple


Kelly@ColorSizzle said...

I'm not a huge fan on chintz, but I can tolerate it in small doses, such as accent pillows or one chair in a space...but I do like that it's very classic and colorful.

Have a great day, Kelly!

Wendy said...

I agree with Kelly - in small doses. I like the fabric options... they seem fresh and fun.

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

It's definitely a good thing! Not in that first picture, but every other picture you posted. I love that first chair with the blue background. In fact, I am a bit obsessed with it now...haha.

Unknown said...

Ah Kelly - I love Chintz but only if it's used sparsely. As you said regarding the first pic - it's "ghostly"! I think what's really bad is the colour that was used - it is much too loud.
I have found a different example quite a while ago and featured it in my blog - in the May posts: . This example I found absolutely lovely and romantic, fitting perfectly into an English cottage near the sea!

Unknown said...

I could do the white bed with the chintz throw, and the chair in your second picture...that would be about it!

Sharon said...

My eyes still hurt from the first picture haha. I was- no I still am- a big fan of flowery prints. Only, I've moved from fabric for interiors (definitely in small doses) to print dresses and tunics! And the culprit for this infidelity is Ikat ;)

Unknown said...


It's time has come again for chintz but a little lighter this time. We now live less cluttered lives and realize simple is best.


Unknown said...

In small and stylish doses chintz can look very fresh and pretty! Really love it in a tablescape!

SteFay said...

I like it in very small doses. Pillows or a single chair, nothing too matchy. I do love that it incorporates lots of colors that can really pull a room together. Thanks for warning us on that first picture, it helped prepare me.

Lauren said...

Ah! Kelly! Please use your magical design powers to make the top chintz stop happening. I think poor Laura received multiple stab wounds & that's the splatter pattern.

Lisa said...

I have to admit I ventured down the Chintz lane back in the 80's but never did the walls, the bed and the drapes at once! Good Lord! Now, I still like it but I think a little goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

Yes chintz happens but not enough - I am a big fan as it can be so vintagey !!

Unknown said...

Cute post, Kelly!! Can you imagine living in that first photo??? Chintz overload!!

xinex said...

The photos are delightful to look at except for the first one whch was an overkill...Christine

qerat said...

I cant make up my mind about chintz to be honest :) sometimes i like it sometimes i dont. It all depends on the context i guess

Vanessa@decor happy said...

It's a good thing in small doses. Love the first and third chairs.

Staci Edwards said...

Love chintz in small doses! Great post as usual!

Marie Brady said...

Re-worked chintz in small doses is lovely! It's hard for any of us who lived through it back in the day to face it again. But I like the fresh twists on it that you gave!

Karena said...

I love the large and also the graphic chintz petterens. In small doses please!! A chair, a throw etc!

Art by Karena

Emma said...

Small doses is key!

christine, just bella said...

Everything in moderation, right?

Just found your blog and lovin' it! I'm always so excited to find more Canadian content!

Marcus Design said...

This is an awesome round-up Kelly! I love Chintz, in small doses as others are saying...but that first picture is hilariously awesome!! Can you imagine there was a time when everything matched like that??

michelle b @ every little thing inspired said...

ooof! that first photo makes my eyes all buggy! how could anyone relax in rooms like that!? haha! glad that the chintz has toned down a bit! following your blog now, looking forward to meeting you on saturday :)


Diane said...

I think hte reason so many people dont' care for it is because so many people used to (some still do) overdo the Chintz. I actually really like it IF it is a small amount. I like the organic pattern on the bed above (green and white). And I would love it on a chair seat.

PS: THanks for changing the settings so it's much easier to leave a message!

Jim looking for rocking chair cushions said...

I think chintz fabrics will look good as a cover for my rocking chair cushions. I think that chintz is good but should be combined with a bold or light single color because pairing it up with other colorful things will make it awful. A simple bed like the green and white chintz bedding created a refreshing look and the chintz-covered chair livens up an otherwise dull office. By the way, I love the way you defend chintz and presented it with a new outlook. It is not bad and awful tasting, one should just do a combination to prevent any imbalance and present the guest or the client a lovely piece of design.

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