September 9, 2010

Alphabe-Thursday: Shades of Violet

vignette eileen kathryn boydFinally, I remembered to participate in Alphabe-Thursday over at Jenny Matlock’s blog!! And good thing too, because this is the last week for her Rainbow Summer School. And the colour this week is my favourite — yes, it’s PURPLE!! Well, officially it’s violet. Ah well, to-may-toe, to-mah-toe… however you say it, it’s the best colour around :-)

I’ve posted a LOT of pictures of purple rooms on DesignTies. But even so, it wasn’t hard to find a whole new batch of beautiful purple rooms :-) Starting with a room by designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd… love the combination of the purple walls, sparkly silver, and dark wood.

Eileen Karhryn Boyd Interiors chest 

All sorts of shades of beautiful purple in this feminine home office.

modern-home-office-purple-lilac-blue-and-green-with-purple-curtains-and-blue-lily-wallpaper thelennoxx

A vintage-looking storage area…

storage area house to home

Gotta love purple & turquoise together :-)

purple darly-wallpaper-leblond irish blogs

purple wall Style at home

Love these brightly coloured baskets…

dr insp 3

Wowsers!! Now that’s a purple kitchen!!

kitchen house to home

Glossy purple cabinets a bit much for you?! Well, how about a lilac countertop & table & backsplash…

Lilac kitchen fitted cream gloss lacquer units glass worktops tiled flooring island unit ceiling lilac glass extractor fan hood French windows patio doors real home BK 03/2008 not used

And if you have purple in the kitchen, why not have it in the dining room too?? :-)

DR house to home 2

Can’t leave out the living room!!

living room anne sage

living room HandH  LR designs 4 living

purple chair HandH

angie-hranowsky-living-room-marble-modern-fireplace-center-purple-accents-accessories-pillow-rug-white-geometric-screen dover rugs

red--purple-living-room house to home

You could easily change up the purple in this room if you ever got tired of it… not that I ever would!!

dr insp 4

Love the Ikat print on these two chairs…

purple white chairs decorpad

How about a solid purple chair… 

office house to home

Or maybe a chaise…

chaise houzz

Still not convinced?? I bet these beautiful bedrooms with subtle purple accents will make you change your mind :-)

beachy-bedrooms-purple-accents beach house etc  bedroom goodness to honest

Total glam!!

bedroom-blossom-chic 1interiordesign

Not only does this bed have the most luxurious purple fabrics, but check out the awesome quatrefoil headboard.

modern-chic-bedroom-beige-purple-lilac-fairytale thelennoxx

Still not a purple convert?? Well, you can start small and go from there. Just a bouquet of purple flowers can brighten up a room, and you don’t have to make a lifelong commitment to purple :-)

bedroom designs for living

LR caroline edwards thelennoxx

vaggfarg-petroleum-stol-bordslampa splendid willow

Pure style home ivHgUg

Swedish Interior Design---swedish gustavian country style dining table with antique swedish dresser canadian hostess

I absolutely adore everything about this beautiful entry…

Purple Flowers in Foyer - Stephen Knollenberg - Architectural Digest harmony and home

So what do you think?? if you weren’t a purple-lover before, have I managed to convert you?!

Thanks to Jenny for hosting Alphabe-Thursday Rainbow Summer School and giving me the perfect excuse to write another purple post :-)

sig purple


Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

Hey Kelly! You actually have converted me! Not that I wasn't a fan before, but purple isn't a colour I am usually drawn to for is now though!

Unknown said...


I'm already a huge fan of the color. Love it paired with gray, ivory, and black. All the snaps are exquisite for sure. I never get tired of this color.


Kat said...

You are going to convert me if it's the last thing you ever do, aren't you :) That last shot of the entry - GORGEOUS. I really do love all of the purple rooms you've shown us - don't know if I could live with them all, but they are beautiful to look at. So glad that you finally remembered to join Jenny - and what perfect timing this week! Kat

Unknown said...

Dear Kelly,

What beautiful interiors! Purple used so tastefully. Yes, I'm impressed. Just lovely.

Thank you for visiting my Violet-post about super-heroine, Violet Parr. I usually blog about jewellery, cats or my own children. This time I thought I would try to do something unexpected. I see so many children's films -- and not just once, but many viewings -- so I have my favourites. (Movies that you can stand to see fifteen to twenty times.)

Since you are First Commenter, you get an extra link on my blog to yours. Congratulations!
Best wishes,

For the benefit of other readers:

Anna's Rainbow Violet

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Thanks so much Kelly for letting me know about the glass float..., in fact I purchased some myself, just haven't featured them yet. I so love them! In case you post about them, let me know!

Laura Lofgreen said...

Man, the color violet sure relieves stress. Just looking at those rooms makes me want to do some redecorating. Thanks for sharing.

RNSANE said...

How absolutely beautiful! With my 66th birthday around the corner and my income drop of $90,000 a year due to a job loss eighteen months ago in San Francisco's massive budget cuts, after 21 years as a forensic nurse for the city, I won't be doing any redecorating, but it sure was fun to daydream over your post!

At 65, I've done it! My poetry book - Life's Journey by Carmen Henesy - is out on Amazon! ( Poems about the things that have been important to me in my
journey through life - some humorous, some sad, some that may have meaning to you as well )

Check out the reviews at my Amazon site to see what others thought of my book!

Unknown said...

The star of my post would love all this violet and purple.

Lourie said...

That kitchen was seriously purple! hahaha! I don't think I could handle that. The first one though...yeah that one is good.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Wow! I absolutely love that purple office and all the rest of the shots for that matter. I need to do a little tune up of my office, thanks for the inspiration!

Wendy said...

I too did a post recently on purple - I wouldn't say it's a favourite but it's growing on me... thanks for the great round up of purple inspiration!

Lauren said...

I need to know. Do these posts contain some mystic 'Paul is dead' derivative that will subliminally turn the purple-haters amongst us (ahem) into grape-loving, violet-adoring mega-fans?? Tell me now!

seanymph said...

I love purple and have small touchs in my houme. But now Im in a new house. I have a big kitchen with high ceilings open to the rest of the house. I intend to paint it purple! Since theres not alot of wall space and most is up high, I think it will work great. Im thinking of a dusty eggplant or a silvery lavender to set off all my blue and white Chinese porcelains that Im going to put on top of the cabinets. It should be dramatic and stunning!

Emma said...

I'm not really a purple person, I will admit but that chaise in the soft mauve is beautiful.
The kitchen, on the other hand, I;m not so sure!! I'd certainly like to meet the owners - very daring!

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Kelly, I love purple rooms... The offices were gorgeous, and that shabby room in the end with just a bit of purple acessories was gorgeous! Wowsers...LOL... I was thinking that too:-)) Very bold!!
Thanks for visiting me:-)

Unknown said...

I totally have a thing for all shades of purple right now.. and you just added fuel to it :) xx

Anonymous said...

Where can I get those baskets - I just adore them !!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

gorgeous! You found a plethora of lovely violet rooms! I did find myself loving some of them.

A 2 Z said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the visit. I'm really impressed by the quality and beauty of the pictures. I just finished painting my whole house a creamy sand color. I had a bit of purple in a bathroom but changed it. Now that I had a peek at these pictures I feel I should try and incorporate it back one day. Thanks for sharing : )


Unknown said... beautiful as the pictures are...the most I can do is purple ornamental cabbages in the garden for autumn, and a purple pashmina over the arm of my white leather loveseat! Thanks for trying...

Furniture Designer said...

Beautiful photos of all shades of purple items! Loved all the variety of purple items, from accents to statement chairs, to that super purple kitchen (ha!) very cool collection you have going on. I think it's a beautiful color, perfect for fall! Thanks for sharing :)

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

love these purple rooms,
they look stunning or breath taking!

Linda @ theLENNOXX said...

Haha although some of the images you found "came from" my blog, purple (especially violet) is one of my least favorite colors. It's such a cold color, I usually only like purple with other hot colors like red. You almost managed to convince me with this wonderful image collection though!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend girls!!

xo Linda

Jenny said...

Converted me? I am off to buy paint as we speak.

OK, I'm not since it is 2:15 am but I want to be.

I loved so many of those rooms...the storage area was my favorite.

I really like how some purples read as a neutral. I will remember that when I repaint some of the larger rooms in my house!

Thanks for linking to Rainbow Summer School.

This was a glorious post!


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