March 21, 2010

Home Staging in Greater Vancouver: Gorgeous Burnaby Condo, Styled and Sold!

Last weekend was so fantastic… I staged a terrific 21st floor condo!
A few weeks ago I told our DesignTies readers a little about my plans for Bonnie’s place. Today, the day after her Open House, I’m sharing ALL the befores and afters! I think you’ll be impressed with the transformation.
BUT… before you scroll down to these fantabulous photos I just HAVE TO share… last Wednesday, sight-unseen and based on photos alone (taken by the Realtor’s photographer… professional photos of my work!!! I’m so over-the-top happy!!), interested buyers put an offer on my Clients’ condo just shy of asking price!!
The buyers actually viewed the condo on Thursday and didn’t change their mind… of course! Naturally, my Clients kept to their Realtor’s (Bonnie Monk with Royal LePage) plan to “open” their place for other potential buyers on Saturday in the event that the sale falls through. But it’s looking good so far! I’m so happy for them!!
Now… to the transformation!
Living Room
Picture1Apart from removing the toys and clutter from this room, I also asked the homeowners to do 2 things for me… 1) remove the wee shelf and plaques from the wall so that I could replace them with more size and colour appropriate art and 2) swap the sofa & loveseat around… by keeping this configuration I’d be cutting off flow a little to the den, but at least with the loveseat in place of the sofa it would make for a smaller block.
The living room really lacked colour… so I found these pillows which the clients love and intend on using in their new home. Excellent!
Living Room
The photo below… a hint at the den and my favourite transformation. You’ll have to make your way to the end of this post to see it. Be patient!

Dining Room
DSC02871 This was a simple transformation… clean up the room, take a leaf out of the table and change out the too-small print on the wall with a long mirror. This condo is a great size… even with the the leaf removed, the table still easily sits 6 people AND there’s loads of room to move around the dining room!
I purchased the mirror at Ikea and stylistically, it’s a good fit with the homeowner’s existing furnishings. What I love about the placement of this mirror – and something you can’t see in the photographer’s image below – is that it beautifully reflects the view to the south of this room (the view through the windows you see is to the west). Also, the mirror reflects the patio and it’s flowers… which effectively invites viewers around to the sliding door and a closer look.
Dining Room

DSC02870 Kitchen
From cluttered to sleek!
During our consultation I mentioned to the homeowners that a microwave range hood would be a good change… because they liked their hood and wanted to take it with them to their new house, they took my suggestion to heart and changed it out. A great way to show more counter space!!
A few items placed along the counter for colour… some simple baskets filling up negative space above the cabinets… and the kitchen looks like a place where anyone would want to fix a meal!!

Master Bedroom
In this room I HAD to work with the existing drapery. With budget in mind, I looked high and low for bedding that would work AND that we could afford! I totally lucked out with this quilt and sham combination. I think it’s perfect!!
I also relocated the bed into the window. I’m a big fan of the bed being the focal point in a room, but that wasn’t my only motivation in relocating the bed. You see… I wanted the space to be open and inviting to viewers, allowing them to walk in and around the room. Also, with the bed placed in this position viewers are encouraged to imagine themselves waking up to this marvellous view. That and breakfast in bed…
Master 1
Master 2
I LOVE how the realtor’s photographer Photoshop-ed images onto the (disconnected) TV screen!! Much better then a black box on the wall!!
A closer look at some of the details…
The goldy-orange box on the mirrored tray is so very special to me… it is vintage(30s) bakelite, and the monogrammed box is from a vanity set handed down to me from my Great Grandmother. It’s a perfect and simple addition to the tray! The yellow bottle is a $4 find from HomeSense (TJ Max) that my step-daughter has laid claim to! How can I build my home-staging goods “warehouse” if she lays claim to all the pretty and fun decor items?! HaHa!!
Pillows… I included additional gold and burgundy pillows to pretty up the bed.

Master Bathroom
DSC02879 DSC02880
Yikes! I caught myself in that photo!!
The existing colours in this room are yellow-undertoned beige (walls) and sage green (counter & accent tile). I worked with them by installing a new shower curtain and – for flow - including the master bedroom’s burgundy and gold.
Second Bedroom - Nursery
I had a lot of fun with this space. In fact, I wrote a little about it in my post How I spent my Friday night when I recounted the creating of the sweet and naive animal art on the walls.
With the exception of furniture, this room was empty of personality. The homeowners had asked that I work with existing furniture so I had no choice but to make this room a nursery… but how to make it cute without going overboard (and over budget)? My answer came in the blue elephant pillow I found at Ikea. The purchase of this pillow gave me a palette that I could replicate in a few places throughout the room – like the animal art on the wall – and make this room really special.
DSC02911The little 1 2 3 baskets… a few dollars at Ikea and a perfect fit with my scheme, as was the green throw on the crib. The blue curtains - another inexpensive find – were made special with the application of coordinating green and red ribbon… the same ribbon applied to the lamp shade (applied by my step-daughter Ashley – she helped pull this room together!)
DSC02913 DSC02912DSC02915  

Family-Guest Bathroom
An easy fix… remove the decals, give the room a good clean, hang a nice print & some fluffy white towels and display simple items on the counter… done!
Main Bath
Den – Bonus Room
My favourite transformation!
In an ideal world, I would have moved the living room furniture into this room (and I would have made the living room into a sitting area with 2 chairs and a table [which, in this floor plan, is open concept to the kitchen & dining room])… but the homeowner often works from home so needed this designated space. What to do…??
Musing out loud during our consultation I mentioned that a chair would be great in this space – make the room a destination, a library – a desirable place to read a book and lounge. It was then that the homeowners said, “We have a chaise in the bedroom.” Perfect!! And it is, don’t you think?!
Ohhhh… the bookcase!!
When I asked the homeowners to pack up everything the husband said, “Everything?!”. “Everything” I said. They did such a fantastic job declutering ALL the rooms in their home, making my job so much easier!
When it came to dressing the bookcase, I focused on simplicity and symmetry. Styling bookcases for sale is different then styling for living… the similarity though is about making it look good!
So there it is… my first home staging job.
I had soooo much fun that I can’t wait until the next job!! Don’t get me wrong… I loved designing and building Patti’s bathroom, but the stress of seeing a large project like that through to completion may be more then I’m willing to bear on a regular basis. Occasionally maybe… we’ll see.
BUT… building a staging plan, shopping for decor items for this condo, preparing some of the special items like the art and curtains in the nursery, actually styling the condo… it was fantastic! I loved it!! I could do this over and over again, no problem!!
I just need some more clients!! ;-) Is that you?!
With only a few minutes to impress potential buyers, home-staging is the best marketing tool when selling a home. Achieve top dollar… have Edin Interiors style your home or listing so that it stands out from the competition!!
Edin Interiors services the Greater Vancouver real estate market.


Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

I love it, you did a great job!!! Staging makes a huge difference. I staged 2 houses so far and had a blast. Good luck!!!!

Kathysue said...

Victoria, what a great job you have done!! Bravo, what a difference the homeowner,realtor and new owner must be thrilled with your work, Congrats, Kathysue

Sonny G said...

Great Job~!! it always amazes me that homeowners never notice their clutter..

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great job, Victoria! Congrats and I hope the sale goes through! I love the color you chose for the walls ~ it really seems to open up the spaces.

Kerri - Driftwood Interiors said...

What an amazing transformation! You did a great job and I'm sure the homeowners are thrilled with what you've achieved.
Just found your blog and I know I'll be popping in often!
Have a great day,
Kerri x

Kat said...

Congratulations Victoria! You did a beautiful job on this. This place has great bones - those views are amazing. I really love what you did with the den, hard to believe it's the same space. Beautiful work, I wish I could have you come down and "stage" our place :) Kathy

Nancy@marcusdesign said...

This is so beautiful Victoria! Amazing job, each room looks gorgeous and so much more spacious. It's amazing how removing the clutter changes everything. I love what you did in the nursery, the color palette is so sweet. And I think my fav room transformation is the office/den too! I can identify with you about staging being so fun, I think accessorizing and decorating is always the best part!!

Allison Shops said...

Fantastic job! Congrats for helping them sell so quickly.

I hope you'll drop by AtticMag to see Jane's Met Monday post.

Sarah @ Dream In Domestic said...

You did such a great job, although I don't think we need to tell you that based on the quick sale from only the photos! Wow!

I love how you allowed the space to really speak for itself. Staging isn't about making the most beautiful space with furniture and accessories, it's about choosing furniture and accessories that show off the space's best assets (like those windows) and also allow for people to envision themselves in the space. You definitely did both of those things perfectly. I can see why the sale happened to quickly!

Kammy said...

Such a huge change and what a great job at getting this home ready !

Maria Killam said...

Hi Victoria,
OMG that is so beautiful, you are a design star! I can't get over how great it is.

After this post is buried by the next one, make sure you change the headline to Vancouver Home Stager, Before & After, so that when potential clients are googling that, they'll find your blog and you!

Excellent design work Victoria, hope you get lots more business from this!

Vanessa@decor happy said...

Great work on your first staging job! I'm sure there will be many more to come.

Danica said...

I can't stop looking at all the beautiful pictures. You did such a wonderful job, I'm not surprised it sold so fast. You created a space that anyone would want to be in.

qerat said...

Great Job
the change is amazing.

Greet Lefèvre said...

This is it! Amazing what you have done here! I might think that the owners must be so thankful to you!

Puna said...

Holy cow what a change! Will you stage my home when I move? Better yet, you can come over now! LOL!

Barbara said...

Wow. I could not believe I was in the same house or did a great job and yes I am not selling but could you come would love Texas.


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I'm so impressed!! People just have too much stuff too! The transformation is amazing..., a few key accessories in the right size and color (and talent of course), and you want to live there!

Gayle said...

Wow!!! You did an amazing job! I think when people see the wonderful work you did here, you will have plenty of customers!

Unknown said...

fabulous transformation!!! And the photographer did his job too.
I wonder how much time was involved in this job - I am sure there was a lot involved.
The sale speaks for itself!

Verdigris Vie said...

Victoria - amazing !! This place looks fantastic. The condo is huge..

I had to laugh when I saw the little lawn mower in the (before) dining room, that would be my house..:-)


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous job! You could give some of the HGTV folks a run for their money :)

susan said...

Victoria-- Wow doesn't begin to cover it! You did a fabulous job--it almost does not look like the same place! I don't believe anyone could have seen its potential with all the clutter. You should have clients flocking to you soon!

Lisa said...

Wow! It turned out so beautiful Victoria. I bet the owners had a hard time putting it up for sale once they saw how great the changes you made were. Congratulations and I think you are have found your calling with staging.

mrsben said...

Super job Victoria and to think you kept within the budget which sometimes 'is much easier said than done'.

Good show in more ways than one. -Brenda-

Susan said...

Your staging job is excellent.

Wow.... The place is hardly recognizable as the same house, especially the livingroom and den.

Your clients must be thrilled with your work and now the sold property. Awesome Victoria, good for you!!!


Patty said...

Wow congratulations! Doing your first home is always so nerve wracking but you did such an amazing job!

Screaming Meme said...

It is perfect...I love your work! :) Hi, Im Meme from Screaming Meme...It is so nice to meet you! Stop by my blog sometime...We have a lot in common!

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

What a trasnformation Victoria - and a great job. You must get a great sense of satisfaction looking at the RE Agent's photos, and knowing that your work is what sold the house! Congrats!

I feel your pain re - more clients!

And yes - I'm going to get busy on my projects now that I'm back from vacation - winter has slowed all of them down. Now that the nicer weather is here though .... watch out :)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Another testament to "Staging Works". That was a well lived in home and you made it look nothing less than magnificent. If I see one more Realtor who takes a big bow & ties it around a set of hanging bath towels I'm going to scream. Bravo to you Victoria, amazing job. xx

amariaf2000 said...

WOW!!!! That home looks amazing! It looks like it has some amazing views out the windows as well!

~angela @ peonypatch

Atticmag said...

You certainly cleaned up their act squarely. Looks like a real business to me. That apartment has some terrific views. Thanks for stopping by to see my poor trees. How's your own house coming along? -- Jane F.

Unknown said...

Great job. Holy cow! It looks like a war zone before you got there. I agree with Maria. Change your title. On behalf of her advice I did that and it worked miracles!

margie said...

so good for you!!! great job. staging other people's homes is my dream job. when i did my own home for sale recently real estate agents were calling me asking me if i would do it for them. it is fun. great going.

Diane Schuller said...

you did a fantastic job! Wow, what a huge difference and a super staging job. And, if I do say so my photographer-self, it really does make a difference hiring a pro photographer :~)

Victoria you should really be proud of yourself!

Christy said...

Holy moly! Congratulations on your staging and getting it sold! What an amazing accomplishment and it looks just fabulous. I loved your commentary throughout the post - and I think that den/library is so stunning too! Great job Victoria!!

daily decorator said...

Bravo! Unbelievable change! You have been able to showcase the big sell--which are the amazing city views. Didn't even notice them in the before pics. Well done!


Janis@White Alder[Home] said...

Great job, Victoria!! I can see why is sold so fast!

C.J. said...

you did one hell of a good job! I am a home stager in Buffalo, NY and I feel the same way after I finish a job, I want to start the next one and then the next and then.....
:) good for YOU! you will be getting a gazilliion clients, just be sure and do what Maria said about changing your post title. Good luck

DesignTies said...

Thank you so much everyone... having so many of you comment positively about my project really feels great. Our DesignTies readers are the best!

peter said...

got some creative furnitures here, love them, it's just talented

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