February 1, 2010

It’s not what a colour is

In my colour class back in December, we discussed the psychology of colour. My teacher asked each of us to tell the class what our most favourite and least favourite colours are and why. I was the only one whose favourite colour is purple.

purple irises ubc botanicla garden

My least favourite colour is yellow. You can read about why here.

yellow car automotive addicts

Purple is one girl’s least favourite colour. She’s from Colombia, and she said that it reminds her of death because the inside of a casket is often purple. Eeeek!!!

One girl loves light petal pink because it’s soothing and calm.

petal pink

Meanwhile, the lone guy on our class said pink is his least favourite colour. But not because he’s a guy — it’s because he painted a room pink once and he felt like the pink was attacking him!!


The most popular colour was red, in particular cherry red.

cherry cepolina

According to an article we read in class, women prefer blue-based reds, while men prefer yellow-based reds. So if a woman wants to turn on a man, she should wear a yellow-based red lipstick.


Black was also a popular choice, mainly because wearing black makes you look slimmer. Victoria Beckham is proof that only eating celery and lettuce can make you look slimmer too — but where’s the fun in that?!

naruto_girls_little_black_dress photobucket

The most interesting response about a least favourite colour came from Erica. She said that there’s no colour that she doesn’t like. She thinks that every colour is beautiful, and it’s all about how a colour is used and the other colours around it, and not what a colour is.The-Pantone-Rainbow design fetish

Do you think it’s possible to find beauty in every colour, even in the colours that don’t have much appeal?? Erica even had a reason why baby poop brown is a beautiful colour — I’ll let you ponder that one!! ;-)

sig new


Kathysue said...

Kelly, Great post! Color fascinates me and I found this very interesting, I did a post a bit ago on what color are you? It is a little quiz you can take on a website and it describes your personality by what color you are. I was green. It just happens to be a main stay in my home but the test really has nothing to do with preference but fun none the less.You can go here if you want to see it:

Gayle said...

That is something to ponder. I think I could find beauty in most colors. I'm not sure about all of them. Browns I like, so if I don't think of them as the color of poop! I've got to think some more about this. I think I feel a blog post forming in my head!

puna said...

I love greens. All kinds of shades. What does that say about me?

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I think that there is beauty in every color..., and my preferences seem to be changing too.

Kat said...

There aren't too many colors that I absolutely, positively don't like. Even if it's a color I'm not thrilled with, I can usually find a shade of it that I like. Although not all colors will find their way into my house. No offense, but I seriously doubt I will ever have another purple room after banishing Barney last month lol. Kathy

Unknown said...

i think so much of appreciating a color is seeing it in proper context. a color might be garish and ugly when paired with something that doesn't compliment it, but lovely when placed adjacent to a better match.

but my curiosity is peaked- what was the argument for baby poop color?

qerat said...

Absolutely yes. There is beauty in almost every colour. And Erica is right it is what you do with a colour and how you combine it that makes the difference and brings out its beauty. Sometimes I even feel bad that I really dont have a favourite colour. Well, Beige is my favourite but is that even a colour ? :)

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

I do think there is usually one shade of a colour I can get behind.

C.J. said...

I love your blog, and am so happy that you visited mine, did you follow me???? I hope (sheesh! hate begging) but as you know it doesn't hurt to have the Big ones (such as you) follow. I am also glad that you liked my portfolio, if you ever have any people that live this way send me the business and I will reciprocate.

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly - this is really interesting. I love purple too no matter whether it is used for coffins or not (I have always had a little hang for goths) and if you check my latest blog entry - I am sure you will like it - LOL.
To be serious - when I started my painting series about the painted doors and walls in the Olympic Student village in Munich I deliberately was working on colours I normally don't use in my palette. And I started to love colours which I normally detest - what now?

Willow Decor said...

Hi Kelly,
I also dislike yellow!! I really cant say why, it just annoys me! I love learning more of the whys about color. I really enjoyed this post!

Unknown said...


Being an interior designer you get real cozy with colors you like as well as colors you're not so fond of. Color makes up our lives in our skintones, eye colors, makeup preferences and living spaces. When you shop, travel, and design for inspiration color is our role model. I like all colors they have a purpose and a place in our lives.


C.J. said...

wanted to add a thank you for answering the question about tying my blog to my website, so, that being said, thank you! I agree and plan on linking them together.. :) again, thanks

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