February 7, 2010

A good reason to be LAZY

Here is it, 4pm on Sunday afternoon and – rather then do all the housework that I had 85b48eb6e0d4planned to do today (and I have a lot to do!!) – I’m sitting here watching a “Sarah’s House” marathon on HGTV Canada. Talk about LAZY!

But ohhhhh how enjoyable!!

If you’re a follower of these programs you’ll know that Sarah and her designer partner Tommy have successfully tackled the complete renovation of 2 houses and 1 cottage. Her work is beautiful!!

And guess what… Season 3 of “Sarah’s House” is airing in March!!!! Ten wonderful episodes of Sarah, Tommy, reno mayhem, shopping and, of course, design!! I can’t wait!

But until then, I’m going to get some of my fill with ALL of Season 2 today!!

Wanna see?? Just click to enlarge!

Sarah’s House, Season 1

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living room 1  master

Sarah’s House, Season 2

Living room 2untitled Master 23390811205_e250ef9aa8bathroom 2family room 2family room 2bSarah's House Season 2 Guest Bedroomteen's roomlaundry 2Pool

Sarah’s Cottage

re-sarah1000_11505gm-aSarah's Cottage Living Room


sarah22re5_35859gm-fSarah's Cottage West Guest Room

And… a peek at…

Sarah’s House, Season 3

Sarah's House Season 3 Promo Photo 2Sarah's House Season 3 Promo Photo 3

Can you blame me for being lazy today?

Would you rather watch a “Sarah’s House” marathon… or Super Bowl XLIV?

Personally, Sarah and Tommy win hand’s down!!


P.S. Okay… truth… I’m clicking over to the football game on commercials!!


sanctuaryhome said...

Thanks for the recap. I don't watch many design shows, as an interior designer I find it kind of like a doctor watching Discovery Health. I found this show a few months ago and love that she shows the screw ups as well as the beautiful result. Sarah and her assistant are likeable and do great work in comparison to a lot of the design shown on TV.

C.J. said...

love Sarah! We get her here in Buffalo, thank God. Hope your day was relaxing.

Kathysue said...

Sarah is one of my all time favorite designers, I love everything she does, do you remember the country house she did for Karen, Oh my it is actually saved on my DVR so I can look at it from time to time. I also visit her website . I loved this post I was actually thinking of doing a post on her and now I don't have too,I can come here and look at yours, great job. I wound up sleeping through the whole game. I love a Sunday nap,kathysue

One of my Hobby Blogs said...

you got my vote - I think sarah's awesome, love her style, very unique and almost identifiable! def better than sport! what a silly comparison... we have many re-runs of her shows on cable tv here in Aus, so I see them all the time, must have taken you ages to post up all those pics - well done!!!

Sharon said...

Great post. This is like three house tours in one:)

I tagged you and Kelly for a Best Blog Award. The icon is on my blog. Please pass it on.

Greet Lefèvre said...

Hi Victoria,
I can imagine that you love to watch the TV program about the houses of Sarah! I certainly would love to do it! But here in Belgium there are not so many good Interior design programs! And I can not take any US or Australien TV!!

Unknown said...

wish we had this program in the states. i would love to see 'before' shots!

mrsben said...

I wud toss my keys to that woman in a minute. :)
Love, love, love her work! -Brenda-

P.S: I understand the talented and budget friendly Peter Fallico also has a new Season coming up as well.

Barbara Matson said...

I love Sarah too! I am also loving the work of Samantha Pynn of Pure Design. mrsben just mentioned Peter Fallico has a new season - yay! Just wish they played more re-runs of those shows that Extreme Makeover and Holmes on Homes - I am quite tired and uninspired by those shows!

Kelly@ColorSizzle said...

Very nice! Sarah is so talented. I wish they aired her show on HGTV in the states. I've had my fill of house hunting programs!

unique unique design said...

Love her show. Sarah's House comes on the Fine Living channel on Saturday's in the states. It's one of the only design shows I record and keep. She's a multitalented lady. Hope they show season 3 here. Sounds like a great Sunday afternoon to me!!

micah said...

Wow, those houses are beautiful! I would definitely rather watch that show than the super bowl. Sarah can come over to my house any day :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing... simply amazing.. These homes are beautiful..

Marie Brady said...

I wish we got this show here in the States! Just lovely! I really love that green sink vanity!

Janis@White Alder[Home] said...

I have a super duper HUGE design crush on Sarah and Tommy and was soooooooooooo excited to see the previews of the next show........can't wait!!!!! Thanks for posting all these amazing pics I am putting them all into my "Love this" file!!!

Tamara Jansen said...

I've only seen the cottage season so far. Guess I have a bit to catch up on. Oh how I wish my place looked that tranquil :)

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