August 13, 2009

Random stuff

TGIF This has been kind of an up-and-down week… back to work after a week off. Booo!! Warm & sunnny summer days. Yay!! Icky yucky stinky pooey ISO-related crap to do at work that’s interrupting my blogging. Double-boooo!! A finished project and an awesome concert and some contest fun. Yay!!

So for this week’s Hooked on Fridays — hosted by the fabulous Julia at Hooked on Houses I’m going to share the things that have made me HAPPY this week.

Hooked on… a completed project!!

I told you about my front door painting project earlier this week. Well, I got my butt in gear and got ‘er done. Yay!! But I have to admit, I was a bit concerned about the colour I chose. I knew I wanted purple, and I had pretty much decided on BM Dark Basalt.


But then on a whim, I picked up a can of Valspar Rare Wine on a trip down to upper New York state. I figured worst case scenario, it’d be the primer for Dark Basalt if I decided I didn’t like it.

If you opened a can of paint and it looked like this, would you put it on your front door??


Well, I did!! And I love it!! The fluorescentness disappeared as the paint dried. Depending on the light and how close you are to the door, it can look anywhere from dark purple to a purpley brown to a deep red wine to kind of magenta. I love how it does that :-) AND, it doesn’t look like the neighbour’s door anymore!!


Hooked on… Bryan Adams!!

For some stupid reason, I didn't buy tickets to the Bryan Adams concert in Ottawa when they went on sale last March. On Tuesday, a friend posted on Facebook about how great his show in Montreal was. And I was like, ARGH, why didn't I buy tickets?! The show in Ottawa was completely sold out -- no tickets anywhere, and I checked out a LOT of ticket-selling web sites.

So yesterday morning, a radio station was giving away a pair of tickets to the show, which was last night. You had to listen for the DJs to say "Reckless", and then be the first caller through. I had the radio on loud and brought the phone everywhere with me while I got ready for work -- yes, even into the bathroom!! Just before I left for work, I turned the radio off (hubby's alarm doesn't go off till 8:30). But then I thought I should leave the radio on and have hubby listen for the word too. I left the phone right next to him on the bed and asked him to pay attention!!

ba last fm

So I'm at work, the DJ says "Reckless", and I start dialling my office phone and my cell phone at the same time. I can’t normally double-task, but this was important!! Of course, busy signals every time. Then I get ringing on my office phone and my heart is beating like crazy. But nobody picks up, and after a couple of minutes, they have the first caller on the radio. And I'm like, CRAP!!! Denied!! Maybe a few other words too ;-)

The DJ comments that the winner sounds tired. Hmmmm... maybe a guy in bed?? The DJ asks him his name.... coincidentally, his name is the same as hubby's name. So now I'm cluing in to the fact that the winner's voice sounds like hubby's voice... the DJ asks him if he's excited about winning, and the winner says that "the wifey" is going to be really excited. At which point, "the wifey" is about to pop…….. and then the DJ asks what "the wifey's" name is, and now the wifey is jumping up and down in her office and yelling OH MY GOD , OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD (well, yelling quietly!!) because she's the wifey and she's going to the Bryan Adams concert!!!! YEAH!!!!!!

 BA2  BA4 BA3BA5 BA1Concert pictures from

And MAN, it was an awesome show!! It was all acoustic – just Bryan, his guitar, and a piano player on some of the songs.  Including his old writing partner, Jim Vallance who played piano on The Best Is Yet To Come. How can he still be SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME after 30 years?!?!? And he’s funny too. And humble. And cute!! And he’s on a new Canadian postage stamp:

ba stamp

But he’s peel & stick, so don’t lick him!! :-D

If you like Bryan too, don’t be stupid like me and not buy tickets!! Although the rush of winning tickets the day of the show is pretty amazing…  but don’t take a chance!! Check out his tour info here to see if he’s coming to your town (Angela, he’s coming to North Carolina!!)

And in case you missed my post a few months ago, feel free to check out Bryan’s Parisian apartment.


Hooked on… beautiful home decor prizes!!

rendering Prizes have arrived!! You might remember that a little while back, I won a wonderful rendering of my living room by the super-talented Michelle at A Schematic Life. The rendering has arrived, and looks awesome. Although Canada Post managed to mangle the matte, so I’ll have to buy a new one, re-mount the rendering, and then frame it. I’ll post a pic as soon as the rendering is hung.

alessiAnd I just received the beautiful bright red Alessi bowl that I won in Albarosa’s giveaway at Brillante Home Decor. It’s the Mediterraneo designed by Emma Silvestris for Alessi. I can’t wait till we get our kitchen makeover done — it’s going to have a place of honour on the new countertop :-)

Hooked on… Fiamma!!

A couple of weeks ago, Donna at dh designs won an original Matt LeBlanc abstract painting in our last giveaway. She suggested the name Fiamma for the painting. Well, Fiamma has arrived, and she’s beautiful!! (Sorry Donna, I had to peek!!)


Donna, let’s get together soon so I can give you your prize :-) Assuming you can convince me to part with it… ;-)

Oh, and one more thing…

Hooked on… Color Sizzle!!

I came across a great blog this week called Color Sizzle. It’s full of fantastic pictures of colourful rooms, like this…


If you’re a colour lover like me, you definitely need to check it out!!

So there you go — this Friday, purple doors and Bryan Adams and giveaway prizes and colourful blogs are making me happy :-) Now head back to Hooked on Houses to check out more Friday blog happiness!!

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P.S. I’ll be at the cottage for the next four days—possibly without a computer at all—so it may take me a while to visit your blog. But don’t worry, I promise I’ll visit when I’m back next week :-)


Kat said...

Oh I just love the door! I can see why you were hesitant when opened the can, but it really came out beautifully. We just painted our front door - a color called chocolate cherry - DH says I only chose the color for the name lol. I'm so happy you got to go to the concert, I bet you about burst when you heard your hubby on the radio! Have a great weekend. Kathy

E said...

That's a lot to be hooked on! Thank goodness that it's the day to be hooked on things :o)

Anonymous said...

I love your new door! Looks great!

Maria Killam said...

Victoria and Kelly - You've been tagged, I want to know what your colour personalities are!

Verdigris Vie said...

This post is totally loaded with goodies - LOVE THAT FRONT DOOR - I would have absolutely walked away from taht colour... Bryan Adams tickets - come on that is soooooooooooooo cool..

have a great vacay..V

Tracy Watier said...

What a fun, happy post! Love your front door (and NO, I would NOT have let that paint out of that can!), love Bryan Adams, and love the look of your blog. I'm a first-timer here via Maria Killam's blog and I will definitely be back for more!

Maria Killam said...

Your door is amazing. Paint always dries darker and looks lighter and brighter when its wet because of the light reflection but that is like night and day! wow!

daily decorator said...

The door looks fab! It's a great lesson to learn to just go for it and see what happens!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

OMG, Kelly! I would have been out of my mind hearing the voice on the radio and then hoping it was really my hubby! I hate to say it, but I think you owe him - BIG TIME!

Your door looks fantastic! If I had seen the color in the can, I might have hesitated, but good for you for going ahead and figuring it could be primer anyway. Can't think why you picked a purple color? : ) How many coats did you have to do?

Unknown said...

Love Mr Adams! Also love that paint. Im repainting my showroom and debating over Emerald green, and a color similar to basalt. Why can I pick a color for a client in a snap and then turn into an indecisive maniac when I need to choose one for myself? LOL. Great blog!

Ann Marie said...

OK, two things: First, I really like the color on the door. Unique and wonderful. Second, I love Bryan Adams. Always have from the 80's when I had all of his albums. I missed my chance to see him here in Austin, because quite frankly, the ticket prices were a little out of my budget at the time. So glad you got to see him. Perhaps next time for me.

Becky K. said...

Your husband sounds like a winner. How lovely that he did that for you!

A good concert is a very good thing, indeed.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

Kelly@ColorSizzle said...

Kelly, You ARE a purple person! So now we have two things in common! Your door looks amazing. I've been trying to sell my husband on the idea of a purple front door...but he's not buyin' {yet}. Thanks so much for the mention! I totally love your blog too, and look forward to visiting often.

Christy said...

That's amazing that your husband won those tix and you got to go to such a great show! How freaking fun is that!

Love the door! Hope you have a great weekend!

Tiaa @ EYInteriors said...


You tell the best stories! I absolutely love the paint color. Your door came out fab! The difference from the paint can to door is night and day!

That was so cool of your hubby to call into the station for you!

I have to agree, Kelly from Color Sizzle has an awesome blog filled with color (of course)! :)

Great post Kelly!

Gayle said...

The new door color looks awesome and Yay! for your hubby getting the free tickets!

Marie Cole said...

I liked the color in the can and I love the color on your door....It's "scrump,deli,cious" :))))

Lara Harris said...

That is so FREAKIN awesome! ;) I remember back in the day I tried winning tickets to I think NKOTB and I was, I kid you not, caller 98 and needed to be 99!I was ill at the time, but hooray for you! Bryan Adams is AWESOME!

Leona Gaita said...

Hey, your courage paid off! The purple door looks great! The effect is really quite dignified, while also non-conformist. Well done!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. Much appreciated!

Unknown said...


Love the paint...yes I would brave heart my choice and paint even after opening the can. I was so excited for you about the Bryan Adams tickets. AWESOME!

I listen to Bryan Adams and TINA TURNER singing It' only Love in concert on my iPhone every few mornings at the hardest hill on my walk/run. I swear I sprout wings and fly up that hill each time!


Greet Lefèvre said...

Hallo girls,
Today I had finaly the time to pass through your blog!
What a beautiful blog! I love it!

I wanted to thank you about your reaction om my earlier post.
Have a nice sunday.

Greet from Belgian Pearls

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

Love the door - it doesn't look like the same colour in the picture. Cool!

How lucky are you --- tickets to Bryan Adams on top of the other blog wins! Hope you are buying lottery tickets!

Fiamma lookes amazing - don't get too attached though cause she'll be coming home with me shortly :)

Will definitely be checking out the new blog you found on colour - I love colour!

Hope you had an amazing weekend!

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