January 29, 2009

From Dream to Reality

Victoria @ Edin Interiors
Oh My God… am I really planning on starting a business in home remodelling and interior decorating without formal training or business knowledge… and in our current economy? And am I nuts?! Probably!! HaHaHa!

You know for a few years now I’ve been thinking about starting my own business but apart from sharing my ideas with friends and family, I’ve done little to make this dream a reality. Hey… it’s easy to think and talk about dreams but actually taking the necessary steps to make them a reality can be daunting and, at times, terrifying! There comes a time, though, when you have to reach for the stars… and that time for me is now. No more sitting around wishing that I could do what I dream!!

Okay. So now what?!
Pick a name, register the business, build a business plan, create a marketing strategy, identify pricing for services, establish accounts with suppliers and partnerships with contractors, find clients… yikes! And I’m sure I haven’t mentioned everything I have to do or know simply because I’m learning as I go!

I’m going to make it happen though!
Soon enough I’ll be working with people in my community to design and complete cool projects like these!!

But as they say… one step at a time.

So the first thing I have to do is register my business. And I need a business name. Here’s where you can help me out. Should I be EdinDesign Associates or EdinDesign Consultants? Share your thoughts please!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Wow, I like both names. I think I like EdinDesign Consultants. That name tells what the business is. Maybe you could mention on the business card that you do both interior design and remodeling. A name is so important so people know right away when they see the name what the business is all about. Your work is just perfection and any of your clients would be so lucky to have you help them with their ideas and projects. Good luck on the business, I just know you will be a huge success. Hugs, Marty

Kat said...

Hi there! I'm sure you are all in a tizzy with this big step you're taking. Good for you, I say go for it when you can. I personally prefer EdinDesign Consultants. Good luck to you, I know you are going to knock em dead. Post a picture of your cards when you get them done. Then we can all say we knew you when lol. Kathy

Kathysue said...

Hi,I like Edin Designs,Underneath your name you could put consulting and remodeling or whatever you want.Congratulations on this endeavor.It always starts with a dream and passion and you have both and on top of that you have talent.I always say think about what people are always asking your advice/help on and there is the start of a business.I started the same way 30 yrs ago.People were always asking me to help them decorate,plan parties etc.Back then people only did full-on design and I did not have a degree so I did not think anyone would pay me for my ideas and I found out differently.They do pay me for my ideas,I am still amazed at that but I truly have never wanted for clients and it has always been word of mouth.The combination of skills that the two of you have will take you far.Enjoy the process,that is my motto.I am really excited for you guys.Kathysue


Congratulations for following your dreams..... I prefer Edin Designs as well and agree consultants could be added above your names.... Good Luck I'll bee watching!


Anonymous said...

I like Consultants or without anything else, as suggested by others. But honestly, I would change Edin to Eden. I just think a business name should not be hard to pronounce or have a pronounciation different than what we would think. Remember the Oneders in "That Thing You Do"? (Pronounced wonders but intro'd as the One-EE-Ders)...

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

OMG Victoria - this is EXACTLY what I've been going through over the past year or so. I've got the business registered, which was accomplished through one of the classes I took as part of my college program, but I'm still hesitating on that first step and getting myself out there. Networking, advertising, self promotion ...

I know it's probably alot easier than I'm making it out to be. It's said that the first step is the hardest - in anything.

Was it like that for you, when you started? Would love to hear any tips or advice you have from your experience.

Great idea on the archive posts -- there's alot of work put into all of your posts and it's nice to go back and read about all of the projects!

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