December 9, 2009

See, I really use it!!

flickr Do you ever look at a picture of a room in a magazine or on a blog and wonder if the people who live in the house actually use the room?? You know, the lamps have no electrical cords, there’s nothing but a bowl of limes on the kitchen counter, everything is neat & tidy & spotless… well, I thought I’d give you a peek at my home office as it looked this morning, just in case you were wondering if I use it as much as I told you I do :-)

I was up till 1:30 last night working on a sample board for my colour class tonight — yes, I’m picking up bad habits from Victoria!! ;-P When I went back down to my office this morning to finish up the board, this is what my office looked like:

messy office

Holy crap, I’m a slob!!! Oh well, it’s all part of the creative process :-) Here’s the reason for the mess — the sample board for my colour class:


Thanks to my friend Erica in my colour class who recommended using little sticky pieces of foam to add dimension. I went a little sticky-foam-crazy, but I really like the 3D effect :-) Which you can’t really see in the picture, but trust me, it’s there!!

OK, now I have to head back to my office and study for my exam tonight. UGH!!

Quick reminder: You have until the end of today to participate in our giveaway. Head over to this post and leave a comment with the colour you think hubby and I selected for our kitchen cabinets. The prize is a mystery Christmas gift selected especially for the winner :-) And be sure to come back to DesignTies tomorrow evening to see if you won. But you can’t win if you don’t enter — so enter!! :-)

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Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

your design board looks great though!!!

StylishHeather said...

Still looks great though :)

Sadly, my entire house looks like your desk right now...I'm thinking tomorrow should be a cleaning-up-the-piles day.

mrsben said...

Kelley, hope you 'aced' the exam. With all the snow we had, did you go by dog-sled? (Winks)

In comparison to just about every room in my home at present, yours looks tidy to me. (Grin)

Your Sample Board looks great! -Brenda-

Gayle said...

It's much better to see your newly decorated room "in action"!

Diane Schuller said...

super job on the sample board. I know I said it before but I love your renovated office and continue to covet that white chair. :)

Unknown said...

a messy room is the sign of a creative mind, i say.
love the sample board- isn't sticky foam the best?

Susan said...

Hi Kelly,

That looks like my office and design center on any given day.... or worse :)

I just finished up a clients office. My comments to her were "I thought I pushed alot of paperwork until I saw your office, she smiled whole heartedly and added with a grin...I win,hands down. When I post the before and afters of her office, the papers stay it's real life. Her office is still a beautiful space to WORK in regardless of files and sticky notes covering every surface.

Your board looks fantastic. Great job. Thanks for the comments on Kate's house and I totally agree, wish it were mine. But thats how we designers live ... through our clients.
P.S. You would love my store.

Danica said...

Your board is beautiful, Kelly! I should get some of those sticky foam pieces and practice making my boards prettier. Oh, and make sense. But doesn't prettiness come first? ;)

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