October 4, 2009


If only we could go into our pink kitchen…

kitchen stylewillsaveus

…whip up a few batches of cancer-curing pink cupcakes…

cupcakes lookanstaste

…and dream sweet dreams in our pink bedroom of a world without cancer…

bright bedroom ryosakazaq deviantart

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Chances are, you or someone you know has had breast cancer. Let’s do what it takes to find a cure.

And take good care of your boobies!! Go to these web sites to learn how… (click the logos)

thingamaboob logo creastcancerorg cancer society


Pics: (1) Style Will Save Us (2) Look and Taste (3) Deviantart


Anonymous said...

Great post girls! My mother-in-law is a breast cancer survivor, and we're so thankful for how well she is doing. Glad to see everyone supporting the cause! I need to get my pink post done one of these days, but i guess it's good to keep it going all month long too? Hope you're having an awesome weekend!
pk @ room remix

susan said...

I did a pink post for breast cancer awareness too! I think this touches all of us in some way or another. Don't know about that pink kitchen :)??

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor. I didn't even realize when I made my mammogram appointment last month for this month that it was Breast Cancer Awareness month. How fitting then that I'm going Friday.

Susan said...

Awwww..this is such a thoughtful and thought provoking reminder post for all of us ladies. It actually made me want to cry a little for friends and family I have lost.

Whipping up cancer curing pink cupcakes, OMG you two are wonderful. I want to give them to my mom, my sister, my co-workers, my friends, my doctor and women all over the world.

Thank you for a wonderful post. Well done :)

Christy said...

Great post Victoria - and man now I want that cupcake!!!

Kat said...

Great post! A fun way to remind everyone of the importance of their annual exam. And that cupcake looks divine. If only we could whip up a cancer curing cupcake! Kathy

Cristin // Simplified Bee said...

Fun cupcakes. Hopeful for a cure.


Gayle said...

Wouldn't it be awesome if there were pretty cancer-curing cupcakes?! Yes, four women have had breast cancer in my family, including my mom. This is a good reminder to do what we can to stay healthy.

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