September 6, 2009

Happy Labour Day!!




P.S. Check out Don’t Lick My Pants for a lickable doggie Labour Day greeting :-)


Unknown said...

Kelly and Victoria,

Have a safe and fun day!


Gayle said...

Happy Labor Day to you ladies, too!

xinex said...

Beautiful picture! Happy labor day to you too..Christine

Maria Killam said...

That's a cute drawing! Happy day to you too!

janet said...

Happy Labour Day Kelly and Victoria! thank you kelly for stopping over, i think we finally have the girls settled, oldest DD moved into her dorm yesterday, so far all is going well. So my girl, you have headed back to school, you are living my dream and I couldn't be happier for you, absolutely awesome!!! Good luck and all the best in all your new adventures.

Tom Erdman said...

I am soooooo delinquent in getting back to you. I'm in the midst of the second roll out of the Angelo line and sleep has been a higher priority than blogging. I'll be back with the world in a few weeks, after a trip to China. Thanks for all the great stuff you're doing.

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