February 19, 2010

Why being a blogger rocks

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When I got home from work yesterday, there was a package in the mail for me from Laura Trevey. Laura has two blogs: Watercolors by Laura L. Trevey and Bright, Bold & Beautiful. In January, Laura had a challenge and a giveaway — she challenged herself to create a new painting every day in January, and she would give a free print from her Etsy shop to everyone who left a comment on at least 10 of her January posts. I was so impressed with her beautiful paintings, I commented on all 31 of them!! I selected this beautiful print, which arrived yesterday:

laura trevey

It was hard to choose just one print, because all of Laura’s work is so beautiful :-) In the end, I went with this one because it has all my favourite colours — purple, bright green, and turquoise :-) These are just some of Laura’s other prints...

laura 2 laura 3 laura 4

crab laura 5

She also sells original watercolours in her Etsy shop. Unfortunately, somebody else snapped up this adorable bluebird painting before I had a chance to:

laura 6

Thank you, Laura!!

Later yesterday afternoon, I went to an information session at Custom Home Interiors. The presenters were Rosemary of SoHome Interior Decorating and Marie from Modern Ottawa and M2JL :: Studio — who just happens to be one of the bloggers that we follow :-)

m2jl 2

Rosemary talked about home staging, and Marie talked about decorating on a budget. The info session was fun and informative, and Marie’s talent and charm came shining through in her presentation :-) I introduced myself to Marie at the end of the info session. We had a great chat, and we’ll hopefully be getting together soon with another blogger buddy, Donna at dh designs :-)

Powerpuffynessies wikimedia

This is blog-related stuff that happened in one afternoon. I can’t keep track of all the wonderful blog-related experiences that I’ve had over the past 13 months!! I’ve learned so much from other bloggers, seen tons of inspirational pictures and read tons of fabulous posts, gotten lots of great ideas, received wonderful decorating advice—I owe my kitchen to Paul at Kitchen & Residential Design!!—and made lots of blogger buddies.

Speaking of which… pics of my kitchen makeover are coming soon — just waiting for some alterations to the roman blind. Here’s a peek at some of the fabrics that I considered for the blind…

fabrics 1

sig new


Laura Trevey said...

Well, you are the sweetest thing to mention my watercolors!! A million thank yous to you, and I am so glad you are happy with your "turquoise treasures"...

I would love to exchange links... Just added you to my NEW blogroll :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
xoxo Laura

mbkatc230 said...

Wow, she really does beautiful work. That bluebird piece is wonderful, I can see why someone grabbed that so soon. I love the piece you chose, it does look like "you". It really is amazing the experiences we have from blogging. I've met so many really great people, and hopefully this summer I'll be meeting several of them in person. Kathy

Susan said...

Lauras work is very striking. You are a lucky gal.

Hmmm trying to figure out your fabric... thinking the fifth possibly the fourth from the left?

Being a blogger is fab!!! You're fab.

xinex said...

I love her watercolors, so prety and colorful. Lucky you for getting one, congrats!..Christine

Sharon said...

Thx for the links! Laura's work seems incredible.
You'll have to post a pic of where you're going to display that gorgeous watercolor of yours;)

Paul Anater said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out. I don't think there's enough space for me to list all of my reasons that being a blogger is the adventure of a lifetime. Real high on that list though is the fact that I met two talented women on opposite sides of Canada. I am dying to see how your kitchen turned out!

Vanessa said...

Your watercolour is beautiful - congrats! Laura is very talented.
I feel I am still new to blogging as I don't have a lot of readers yet - but I do love finding inspirational photos and writing - hope to grow my readership and continute to "meet" talented bloggers like you!

Diane said...

wow, she does lovely paintings and it's so hard to believe she created each in a day! Marvelous. I'm going to check her out and bookmark her Etsy shop for sure. Thanks for featuring her work.

Cristin said...

Love Laura's work too! So sweet and full of life.


Donna @ dh designs said...

Lucky you Kelly! I absolutely love Laura's work and have a few of her pieces on my "must have" list.

So sorry I missed the seminar at CHI, but look forward to meeting Marie soon!

Can't wait to see the finished kitchen!

Gayle said...

Those are such beautiful watercolors! I'm going to go check out her shop!

Kelly, Arte Styling said...

Those are gorgeous! Lucky you to have one of Laura's pieces. And what a great goal of hers to do one painting a day. Very inspiring.

Marie @ M2JL STUDIO said...

Thanks for your kind words Kelly! It was really nice chatting with you and I'm looking forward to chat some more :)

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